Tuesday 12 January 2016

Cybernetica Showcase: Magos and Priests

Good afternoon everyone. It's raining and cold here but the heat of the forges never truly goes out.

Like the renegade master (not Horus) I'm back once again with a modest update to my growing mechanicum.

As you may remember from last time I'd experimented with a little OSL on the plasma coils of my Thanator. Well since then I've been working on his armour plates to get them to the point of finished. I've weathered the plates as I've gone by leaving certain parts of the previous colour exposed as I've painted each layer.

I've also been working on a Magos and two Techpriests. 

The Magos is the Datasmith from the  Kastellan box from Games Workshop and the Techpriedts are from their Astra Millitarum range (and are surprisingly still white metal).

The Techpriests were really a touch up and rebase from a previous army, I wanted to re-paint the robes to match my current palette.

I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out.

What's left to do now is the Thanator's base and applying transfers to the cohort.

Next I'll be adding another Thanator and three more Castellax.

Stay tuned for more mechanicum madness and more from the legions too soon.

KF logging off...


  1. Looks good, no ill behaviour here.

    Love tho colour scheme, white and bone makes the preist a pop.

    There is a plastic tech preist, but you have to buy a leman Russ to get him.

    1. Yeah I'd love one but I can't shell out £40 for just the one priest

    2. I know the feeling. I have 9 russs in boxes, so I really don't need one either.

  2. I like the cybernitica? Aspect of Horus heresy. Heck I like the mechanicum in general. I would love to get some sets: which ones would you recommend for someone on a tight budget?

    1. Is it more plastic or resin you're looking to buy. I'd recommend the plastic Techpriest Dominus as a versatile HQ unit then I'd say A thallax cohort and a castellax (or 2) this will give you some punch bug not stretch the bank too far.

    2. Both. Already have the plastic domanus model and 30 skitarii.
      Looking for nice servitor like models.

  3. If you wish to add just one tiny bit of Biel Tan Green Shade to the thanator's gun(on the parts you used Nihilakh Oxide i think) then the whole look can turn a bit more detailed.Awesome job,really like how it turned out! cheers rob

  4. Back once again....really like the approach you have taken on these. I think the white on the armour nicely frames the bigger models and stops you ending up with too much metal which would lose some of the lovely detail so well done. I also love the red on the robes, again your troops really stand out as a result. Keep up the great work Renegade Master.

  5. They all look really good!! Great work! :D