Monday 25 January 2016

King Fluff's New Year hobby resolutions

Well sort of...

Hi King Fluff here in a contemplative mood, reflecting on my hobby highlights of the year and looking forward in an attempt to order out some projects for completion.

As you know I joined the Battle Bunnies shortly after last years Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls. The event itself has to be a highlight of last year. I had a fantastic time but I have to admit that I was a little reticent at first as I'm very much not of the tournament ilk. That being said the event really did re-spark my interest and passion for 30K (not that it ever really went away but life can intervene). I took my Questoris Knight army of House Krask to the event (as it was the only 30K army that I had any chance of finishing painting before the event started). It was a great opportunity to motivate me to get stuff painted - and although they weren't 100% finished they were close enough not to embarrass myself with.

I also managed to squeeze in a rather big (9000pts per side) game at a local GW store, which although I lost (Phantom Titans are obscene lol) it was a great opportunity to game with some of the bigger models in my collection (it also prompted me to get my second Reaver Titan standing.

Obviously joining the Bunnies crew has been fantastic for me in motivating me on a weekly basis in order to show you guys what hobby has been floating my Heresy boat.

So what does 2016 hold for King Fluff...?

Of course my Night Lords will be an enduring part of 2016 for me, I want to work on more of the kits I've bought in the vein of an all flying Night Lords army but for now my focus will be on characters and walkers whilst finishing the infantry units I've already started.

I've now settled on my avatar character for the Battle Bunnies campaigns: Jared 'King Fluff' Dane, Praetor of the 5th 'The Painted' Harlots of Nostramo - his fluff will follow in the future but I have started to collect the parts to do him justice.
 I'll also be drip feeding in mechanicum units, looking at completing 250pts worth every month until I have amassed a decent sized force which could go toe to toe with a legion (or support one). I've really enjoyed painting the Graian mechanicum force and I hope to add in the plastic GW kits into that mix over the next year, I'm also hoping to throw in the odd conversion too along the way.


They're a big part of my hobby and collection and I want to do more with them over this year, I have Reavers still sitting in boxes and I have an option on a pre-loved Warlord too. To this end I want to expand my force, adding another Reaver and a Warlord to the legios number and also adding in Titan Legion Skitarri and possibly a Triaros.

2016 is also the year of INFERNO!!! and I am so pumped for the return (or release) of the story of Prospero. I am poised to dive into the Thousand Sons again, I'm starting with Betrayal at Calth and making the set up into a 10 man tactical, 10 man heavy support (missile launchers) and 10 man tactical support squad (flamers) - I'm unsure of what my HQ choice will be as yet (and probably won't come from the BaC box). What I am intending is to add a sub-orbital attack wing consisting of Doomwings (or infact a converted version of the Xiphon interceptor). I made a Doomwing some time ago when the Valkyrie kit was released - I feel now is the perfect time to update it and cross my fingers that the Doomwing doesn't get an official model before I finish mine (which I call the King Fluff Curse).

I also have a few background projects (namely Space Wolves and Imperial Fists) which I will be dipping in and out of...

But the biggest of these will undoubtedly be getting my gaming table painted and ready for battles on. It's a custom built table with multiple tiers to game on. It houses my 6x4 Zone Mortalis, my three (undecided) Realm of Battle table tops, my 6x4 Forge World city tiles and a 6x4 custom printed Battlefleet Gothic gaming surface.

And so that's about it....

Well nearly...

As you may have seen in previous posts, 2016 is the year of the Xenos and it most certainly will be but not the kind you can buy from a store.

My lips are sealed.

But keep your eyes on the blog.

All will become clear in the next few months.

For now I bid you all good evening and leave you with this thought;

The song Ironic by Alanis Morissette contains many situations that are unfortunate rather than ironic, thus it is not ironic but in doing so it makes the song ironic.

Your ear worm for this evening....



  1. Great stuff. Looking forward to out 2016 endeavours. ;D

  2. Yep, can't wait for your stuff! (and your Knights are soooooooooo cute *_*)

    Also yeah, Year of the Xenos ftw :) !!

  3. Keep the doomwing conversion! It's too cool to take apart.
    Also how many titans do you have/want?!
    Don't take this the wrong way but you bunnies must be part of a drug cartel to be able to pay for all that.
    The mechanicum stuff looks good. Nice to see some skitarii finally!
    And the flying force of marines looks good even without paint. Can't wait to see em finished.

    1. Hey Simon. I currently own 2 warhounds and 5 Reavers (with only two of the reavers built so far). I'm planning on adding in the Warlord to the rosta and a third Warhound to 'complete' he collection - then who knows I may start a second Legio - perhaps team up with Lady Atia and do Tigers Eyes.

      And no drugs cartels but we do own a popular chicken restaurant ;-)

    2. Uh yeah, Incaladion ftw!

      Also mhmmmmm chicken *_*

  4. Man I thought I had a lot of plastic crack, you've got a lot f painting to do!! Good luck

    1. Thanks Dave G, I think I'm going to need it :-D

  5. Your gonna be busy!! Get that Warlord done!

    1. I'm really excited to perhaps have the first Legio Astraman Warlord Titan (and the new weapon load outs are making me VERY excited)

  6. An exciting year ahead! Looking forward to seeing the night lords on the table top, they are looking great so far! The gaming table looks incredible, I want one!! The Titans are so cool, going to be a really impressive sight once you have them all done! Really excited about the Xenos too!!

  7. Yes, the Doomwing is very good. The Xiphon kit should make for a good base for another conversion.

  8. Mate, the leviathan looks bad ass!! Mind if I draw some inspiration from it for my NL?
    Also love the table project, looking forward to future postings.

    1. Thanks Felix - of course not fill your boots

  9. That's a damn fine post. You plans are great and you models look fantastic!

    How many Reavers do you have? You definately should get the warlord....

    1. Thanks Colnel :-)

      5 reavers so far and yeah I think the Warlord is pretty much a given now and helps out a mate too so win win

    2. You know Warlords are MORE common than Reavers....

      Will you paint them in the same colours?

  10. Another vote for the Doomwing. I like it much better than the current flame-dragon Chaos incarnation. Cheers.

  11. A busy year ahead!!! Good luck with it all my King!!!

  12. Thanks everyone for the kind words, I'm hoping you'll like my future projects - especially the Xenos I have planned...