Saturday, 2 January 2016

Prototype Blood Bowl concepts

Today at the GW birthday event I have spotted in the cabinets some test models for the new Blood Bowl game coming out soon. Some mock testers are in a cabinet with a sign for "next season"...

These are very fresh out of the moulds and these are very pre-production so we may not see anything more for at least half a year. Confirmed these will be Citadel release starting with a full box set of humans vs. orks with future teams in the pipeline. This kit will be plastic to start with, with possible resin kits being released after a few armies have been presented such as possible dwarves and elves etc. Keep your eyes peeled!!!

Darko Thane


  1. I've just noticed - beneath the Blood Bowl players - are those Tony Cotterell's original Vindicator, Sabre and Spartan conversions from White Dwarf in the 80's?

    1. Yeah they were on show, very nice to see them. Unfortuantely havent got any pics of those :(

  2. I cannot wait for the new box releases this year...hoping for a genestealers cult game plus blood bowl!

    1. Welcome Carnelian. The game probably won't be out this year, and may not be the first Specialist game either.
      Would love to see a Deathwatch vs Gene-Cult game too, and with the success of Codexs like Harlequins and Skitarii, I really hope to see a good range of them.
      Then Tarellians GW! Please!!!

  3. I think the best recipe for specialist games is making models and rules for the minitures to fit into existing 40k/30k. Games like inquisitor at 28mm would sell like crazy if they also came with new rules for inqusitors such as eissenhorn. Necromunda could easily be subbed as rules for penal legions in the 40k Astra Militarum rulebook. The reason Calth sold so well was because it gave a cheap easy way into 30k.

    1. Hi Samuel. What I know:
      Epic will be compatible with 30k.
      Necromunda will be updated (one of the Specialist game Managers' and my favourite game). This can be played in both any way.
      Inquisitor, an old model was on display, but I do fully agree - a 28mm remake is definitely the best idea. A lot of people play Inquisimunda (fan made), which is meant to be great.
      Warhammer Quest was being played so I believe after the success of the Space Hulk remakes and the computer game, that we will see this.
      Battlefleet Gothic will be back too.
      Bloodbowl is ongoing, but may not be the first out - something like Adeptus Titanicus could be made nice and easy especially at this point with the Warlords in CAD and the others should be too.
      2016 and 2017 will be incredible.