Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Warp Cults: Davinite Lodge Priest

Howdy Guys and Girls - little update on my part - Ushknub, Davinite Priest of the Serpent Lodge is finished. I'm still working on Samus and also build some more Word Bearers, but about these shall be spoken in another post in the future!

I quite like the Davinite model (although I'm still not sure if its a boy or girl), and would like to get more priests or lodge warriors in the future. I was always a fan of abhuman models, and enjoyed it to paint this wicked thing. I went for a classic red robe, think it will work great alongside my Word Bearers and Daemons! For the skin i choosed a boney scheme, while the eyes got a really dark red in order to match their artworks in Visions of Heresy.


Davinite Lodge Priest, Demagoge of the Serpent Lodge, Avatar of Azhak'zhajaa'rhil

In the long years of separation from Terra during the Age of Strife, the inhabitants of Davin (or Homo Afarensis as called by the Magos Biologis) physically altered from the baseline human norm. They became taller and more sinuous and their features more bestial. Their pupils grew until they filled most of their red eyes.

In the aftermath of the events on Davin, many Davinites took part in an exodus to the stars - these twisted abhuman magos and demagogues each were part of one of the animist and totemic warrior and mystic cults of Davin. Of these, one of the most commonly encountered were initiates of the so-called Serpent Lodge, but numerous other were also recorded. 

The warrior lodge priests appeared to serve a higher interest than the individual Warp Cults they often followed into battle, and may have been acting in concert with certain conspirators at the highest levels of the Traitors' leadership, in particular the Dark Apostles of the Word Bearers. 

While some lodge priests served as advisors in matters of prophecy and the Warp, others acted as high priests under whom multiple cult bodies could be gathered together. All were schooled in the darkest arts of warp craft and were able to call upon and wield the most terrible of warp-born powers and aberrant psyker abilities, making them one of the most dangerous of the Warmaster's allies ....

Note: Serpent Lodge symbols on the armour. Tainted weapon variant called "Athame".

Note: Davin pattern modified Warp-flamer - believed to use lesser daemonic essence as fuel.

Hope you enjoyed my post this week - what kind of Abhumans or Cultists do you guys want to see in the future? Write us in the comments below! Thanks for reading =)

Lady Atia


  1. He or she looks great! Lovely paint job, love the little words on the scrolls!

    1. Thanks Darien =)

      (and yeah, since there is artwork of a more male looking Davinite in Visions of Heresy, i really think ... its ... a ... ... ... girl o.O)

    2. Atia's new avatar?....

      Well until the sisters of shhhhhhhh..... Come out.

    3. Haha :D

      My main avatar will be (surprise surprise) my Techpriest/Magos Atia, although no clue how to do her yet :P

      Other minor characters would be a Sister of Silence and a Knight Dame :P - and of course there is also Valkia :D

  2. That container thing at the back is very well done. From the photo distance it is one of the best effects I have seen in a long time.

  3. Nice - I've god one of these sitting on my shelf for years! Think I may take a look at him now

    1. Haha yeah do it - it's a cool unique model, and refreshing to paint ^.^

  4. Would you ask this guy for healing?

    The answer, yes if he's painted this well!