Sunday, 24 January 2016

Weekly Progress Report 24/1

Hey guys, its Sunday so here we are with another round of our progress report. With only two weeks to go until the Weekender we are busily moving along with our projects ready to see all the new things to be released.

Aveinus has spent most of this week completing his Avatar model for Aveinus Kaane which he posted about earlier on today. Other than that he has managed to start assembling his third predator tank!

Atia did some paint work on Samus and her Davinite Lodge Priest. She also got her hands on some Gal Vorbak, and started to convert her Dark Martyr

I (Darko) have been taking on my World Eater legion, mainly taking on rebasing my squads. I have this week rebased 40 legionnaries, with mostly success and not too many breaks!!

Kaelo has been assembling tanks this week to clear some space in his gaming room. He still has a few LoWs to assemble (Falchion, Glaive and Fellblade) a Sicaran and another Spartan.

This week King Fluff has spent the majority of his time sorting out his Admech transfers but has also been searching for the perfect bits for his avatar - Jared 'King Fluff' Dane, Praetor of the 5th 'The Painted, Harlots of Nostramo'

Tylar has had no real hobby work to speak of due to work constraints however next week will be spent updating his city tile buildings.

Drake has had personal issues that has prevented any hobby time this week. He will look to make up for it in the next week.

Darien has had a productive week! He base coated 20 reavers, a chaplain and 2 contemptors. He has also started on painting up the Justaerin bases and has started laying down some colour onto one of the contemptors!

So, a mixed bag of activity this week!! Some of us have also been able to get together this week to discuss a future project. More will become apparent soon enough but its a secret for now!!

What have you enjoyed seeing this week? What are you looking forward to seeing next? Let us know in the comments below :)

Darko Thane


  1. Well I have grade 12 exams starting on Thursday but after that I'm making a massive (175$) purchase from triple helix wargames? For a kick start on my mechanicum. Lot of big robots and Servitors and skitarii.

    1. Ooo nice, good luck with the mechs :) and massively good luck with your exams!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks =)

      Yeah, he has some good old 1st edition mutations :D

      I got 10 Gal Vorbak so I need to convert five of them to make each unique :)

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  4. Great progress once again bunnies.
    I hope those world eaters aren't normally stores like that? It makes me weep!
    I'm looking forward to the weekender now to see what goodies will be coming along

    1. Are you going? I think Drake may have an awesome goody to look at with him ;)