Saturday, 13 February 2016

Building Bigger things.

Now I'm sure most out there will agree we like the FW city fight tiles. Now I like to be individual in my efforts to changes things even just the slightest to have something different. 

With this tile there isn't a great deal you can do unless you start hacking bits off it, adding more battle damage, or just adding the odd bit of additional scatter terrain. IMHO. 

So I thought well what else could I do?

Manipulation of the plastic GW buildings is fairly simple and can be an art in itself. I'm no ninja at it I won't lie but I've had practice and that has afforded me some insight. 

When starting a new project I like to draw things out on graph paper to get a feel for what I'm doing from almost an 'Engineers' point of view. 

So what the plan? Well I though the easiest way to add something extra to this tile was in fact....add something extra. 
What I plan to do over the next few weeks is design and build an additional Mechanicum styles building to add height to this tile without having to alter it. 

I've made a quick mock up of the beginning if you like. 

Now unfortunately for me my plan has be sat in the shelf. And what did Forgeworld go and do for the weekender....?


The Gits! Lol

So what I'm proposing to do is have a little interaction with you the readers and take on some of your suggestion and ideas and use them to evolve my project. 

I'll entertain anything sensible, anything possible in my realms of scratch-building/conversion, and within my small budget. 

But I'd like to treat this as a bit of an interactive project with the community. 

There go then guys. 
Have a think at what you'd like to see, and have a think about what you believe I can do with this project. 
Most importantly let me know!

Looking forward to your comments, suggestions, and feedback. 

An update will follow in about a week with the way forward of the project, what I've done, and what I hope to achieve and fulfil. 

- Tylar ;)


  1. Hi Tylar. I'd consider a Landing Pad or two. Maybe there is enough room elsewhere on the tile to create a control tower too?

  2. Well the control tower is the base design idea. But more from a Mechanicum Overseer rather than the Base Control tower created by FW. And also a slightly smaller scale.
    I plan to have a larger landing pad option elsewhere for now.
    By it's a great idea :)

  3. Really awesome buddy :)

    Makes me want to start on my ZM ship board immediately :D

    1. No, you need to get your Word Bearers done first! *cracks whip*

    2. Haha, no worries :)

      First squad is finished, will post them tomorrow :)

      Currently enjoying my vacations weekend though :P

  4. Are you going to theme the whole board? I like the idea of a nexus array of the Mechanicum. Even if they seem to mostly be blasted from orbit.

    I think a stepped octagonal tower with a similar structure as the top of the weekender display. Other option is a large gantry or crane. That would suit the industrial setting.

    1. No I'm not theming the board, that way I'll always be able to add new tiles or change things around. Certain tiles obvious lean towards certain things but apart from that I want to keep it fairly generic.

  5. Well if you look at the picture that's posted right at the top then where there is a slight raised pad with steps, you could build some form of two level office type building. First floor has the turbines in it, then the second floor has the same type of Plexiglas window that the forge world terrain has, overlooking the generator.

    1. That's not a bad idea Simon :)
      However what I'm trying to do is add as much height as reasonably practicable so the pics you see of the plastic GW building tiles will be the base.
      Have a look at my sketch plan and you'll see I'm after 'Upper' inspiration ;)
      Thanks for your input so far.
      More ideas would be great.

    2. I think shrine of the Aquila panels would look go. Just not the eagle one

    3. Okay so, here's my suggestion.

      First you put your "control tower" structure, on the big concrete slab bit to the side of the main "manufactorum" building. Jack it up on struts over the venting turbines, gives you some room for some neat OSL effects for superheated venting from the implied underground forges. Make it 2/3 levels high.

      Then for the real height of the piece. It's a manufactorum, manufactorums don't run without supplies, what's the best way to get supplies to something that's densely populated on the ground? Via air. So, take the structure you've currently got planned, slide it to one side (opposite the control structure) and build it upwards, and on the top build a landing platform, but do so in a way that it appears to have an inbuilt Freight Elevator. Something you could imagine a Mechanicus owned Thunderhawk Transporter, or Valkyrie skytalon dropping off freight shipments or picking up finished product for delivery.

      And for a little extra flare you can have a skybridge or gangway between the landing tower and the control tower.

      Elaborate yes but doable fairly simply I think.

    4. I really like that idea. I'll put pencil or pen to paper and edit a pic in later.
      So large tower and platform over the main building.
      And then an overseer tower near the venting fans?
      I think that's the basics of what you described?
      Let me know :)

    5. So the freight elevator would run straight down into the main building and then be accessed by the large door at the bottom?

    6. Yup that's exactly it. You can use the Large "double door" piece from the Citadel city kit or of course craft your own, of course.

    7. Actually the building on the tile has a large door already :)
      I'll edit the post later with another sketch idea and another pic or two.

  6. Looks cool, but I think the Building Needs to be bigger and sit over the vents.

    1. Chase is that meant to be a link? I can't seem to open the image when I drop it into Google.

      I did you with the idea but I'm limited to using the plastic building tiles at the minute and as a result there is certain restrictions that that has. Otherwise the building would be too big lol

  7. Just an Image link. Plasticard would probably go a long way to improving the buildings. I think you can pick it up at most modeling stores or theres always online.

  8. Yeah I've used plenty of it over the years. Have a look at my other City fight posts here under my name. You'll see this ain't my first rodeo ;)
    Thanks for your input it's a great steer.