Sunday, 7 February 2016

Knights Errant and The Silent War

Howdy everyone!

Knights Errant and The Silent War are next :)

The Alpha Legion are not only Legion to do secret missions. Silent Wars are done by both sides of war to stay out of history to tip the balance - not just Knight Errants. Other examples would be Assassins or Sisters of Silence.

Flight of the Eisenstein was meant to be called Unbroken originally.

The Sigilite is not just defending terra, he is moving forward to protect the human race.

It's the opposite to the Emperors plans, can counts planets/populous as expendable to defend humanity.

Unwittingly and unknowingly paving the way to human leadership if Emperor doesnt win in his actions.

Working situations to his benefit. Not to make things better, but how to use others to make an event to his interest. That said he is not a bad guy, just not very nice. In his ways due to his age Malcador has lost touch with humanity a bit. Not to protect everything, counts everyone as pieces on a board to play with.

The Chosen is a term that applies to non-space marines that can be used directly.

Malcador kind of isolates himself. On his own with noone to share to (since the Emperor is busy fighting in the Webway) - this is kind of the reason why he antagonises Dorn and other Primarchs.

More Garro stuff coming! New Garro book out soon!

Also, another one - working title - Weapon of Fate - compilation of Garro as well as new stuff. Should be out next year.

Ison from Vow of Faith expanded. He is an Iron Hands Character.

There are more than 20 Knight Errants!

"The 20" were an original list of names from Malcador. Each of them recruited on their own, i.e Varren recruited by Garro is not on this list.

End of the seminar - looks like there is quite a few things to come for the Grey K .... i mean Knights Errant :)

Darko Thane, Lady Atia and the other Battle Bunnies =)


  1. So why Ison is Iron Hand if he hates his own primarch ("The Watcher")?

    1. Who wouldn't hate Ferrus Manus for what he did?^^


      I mean, Ferrus was a bit headless and so :P

  2. Well...if we want to be correct...Ferrus didn't do anything, was McNeil who make him do it XD