Saturday 6 February 2016

New Thousand Sons!

Hello everyone a quick post to show you the new thousand sons upgrades and contemptor! 

Firstly are the new shoulder pads above for an Achaen pattern of armour for the Thousand Sons and then the new heads below.

And then the new Thousand sons Contemptor, which myself and darko was hoping would be a little more ornate but it looks a lot better in the flesh than on some of the photos. 

So we will hopefully have more information for you regarding the Achaen unit over the weekend. Interesting stuff!

Aveinus Kaane 


  1. digging the second batch of TS upgrades

  2. I like the contemptor, the head reminds me of the original cylons from BSG

  3. Looks pretty great, but I agree it lacks some ornementations. I can't wait to see mor TS stuff!