Saturday, 6 February 2016

Sokar Pattern Stormbird

It's here, it's big and I'm sold!
I have to be honest with our readers up until the door opened this morning I was having none of the Sokar. 

But I've had a look. A real close look and it's a beast. 

So what's she packing?

Hard points for 6 underwing missiles with heavy Bolter turrets on the ends of the wings. 
Two Fire-raptor based ball turrets on each side. 
And it's even got a defensive Heavy Bolter turret on the back for good measure. 

Enough room for a rhino as depicted on the event day board. 

It also has a nice new cockpit with MK IV armoured marines and a sleek new front.

And finally not one but two void shield generators just for the added protection beyond the obvious ceremite armour. 

No news on release dates or cost or rules yet but as soon as we have something we'll let you know. 

I'll take two....


- Tylar


  1. Replies
    1. That's right Simon but there were hints today that they may not only change but there with be further options. That's all I was told :)

  2. Seriously gorgeous Stormbird there, the wip really didn't give the impression it would be this good. Can't wait to pick one up :)

  3. It looks great in World Eaters colours.

  4. Sigh I was saving for a warlord.. I think this might just edge it out.. maybe.

    1. Edit: My only real concern would be the landing Struts.. are they really sturdy enough to hold up that massive bird over time?

    2. Yep the landing struts are very sturdy a flying base however that's something completely different lol

    3. They be priced at £750 at the moment knowi g forgeworld that might well change

  5. I like it, but as an Astartes flyer, not a Stormbird. Stormbirds should be sleek and Aquiline.

    1. The problem is the thing the black library authors described in the early HH books would resemble a realistic aircraft... And that would never do ;)

    2. I agree. But this is a Stormbird 'variant' and that's how it's being peddled. It's basically the Stormbird big brother of the Thunderhawk. If you see it for that an no more then you won't be disappointed.
      I like you didn't like the idea of it.
      Having seen it in the flesh I'd be using it as Dorn's Thunderhawk ;D

  6. Looks good.

    But will be ungodly expensive, and I will never buy one.