Thursday, 4 February 2016

Sons of Nostramo #10: Flight of the Eagle

Good evening all.

I've been fighting off a dose of Nurgle's finest this week so progress has been a little under par. I have though been working on a couple of units for my Night Lords though.

Firstly I've been getting the under painting done on the Leviathan. I decided to start painting before the final arm assembly was complete as I think I need to get the legs and torso together on the scenic base before judging the pose on the arms (and they'll also be magnetised).

I started by spraying the model in trusty Halfords grey primer. The temperature has been a little up and down recently so I was sure to spray then bring the model indoors so the finish wasn't affected by the cold temps.

Once the spray was dry it was on with the leadbelcher. I found it difficult to apply the leadbelcher with the GW base coat brush as the model is stacked with detail. I found taking it out into the daylight was a good way of identifying areas missed. In hindsight I perhaps might have used the leadbelcher spray to do this. Once the leadbelcher was dry I washed all the metallic areas with Agrax Eathshade. This is the same process as with my other Night Lords units. Next is to dry brush the metals with Necron Compound before blocking in the armour plates.

Here's my efforts so far.

I've also done similar work on my storm eagle, but I've gotten a little further, applying colour to the legion symbol on the doors and the plates blocked in with the P3 exile blue, washed with drakenhoff nightshade and then the top coat of Kantor Blue.

I found the hardest part of painting the eagle so far was the black panels on the wings which required me masking off the areas with cello tape then drawing in the lines with a sharp HB pencil (this was the same process as adding the panel details on my titans). This was difficult as it's very hard to judge if the lines are straight due to the tapering and angle of the wings.

Now the eagle needs its detailing, transfers and cockpit completing (including the building of the pilot) and of course a scenic base which fits in with the rest of the army.

Lots more to do still and then of course the other 4 flyers in the force.

Wish me luck

And remember it's better to burn out than to fade away.



  1. Nice work, love both the miniatures.
    Couple of things: looks like you need more wash on the exhaust stacks for the dread, the holes are still grey/silver. Or is this intentional?
    Cello tape? Are you mad? Have you tried masking tape? It's designed to be less adhesive than cello tape do it doesn't pull the paint off when you remove it.
    Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks Dave.
      The wash is still in progress but the holes will be blacked in before the weathering goes on. Tbh I've never had an issue with cello tape pulling off paint - as I said it's not pressed on too hard as it's only a guide for a pencil line so no need to press it down too much, I've found some masking tapes can stretch which can have a detrimental effect on the quality of the line sometimes. :-)

    2. Ah cool.
      And I guess it's good to keep experimenting with different tools. If cello tape works, stick with it :-)

  2. They are both looking great! Really looking forward to seeing the leviathan complete, he looks real mean!

    1. He is a mean looking machine, looking forward to painting on the gore slick oozing from the corpses

    2. I think he is a cutie :D

      Love his little trophies <3