Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Art of the Heresy Seminar

Howdy everyone :)

Next seminar is the Art of the Heresy - it's all about artworks, concepts and illustrations - keep checking back =)

Ok - now we have the art we are waiting for :) - you can see the concept art for the new Dark Mechanicum Magos!

Horus was based on M. Brando.

Al Pachino and Brando was an amalgamation for Dynatt.

Forgeworld of Xana.


Uses the surface of Venus!

Colours are changed - Isolated the pales and turned to Lava.

Mark Bedfords sketches for Secutarii.

Will get better pics from Mark's sketchbook later. Vlka Fenryka!

Artisan style. Scrimshawing etc.

Every photo starts like this.

Put pic on top and blue section needs to be in focus.

Shadows are added from light source.

They mask the bases. They then use it as a watermark.

The Path of Heaven

The Silent War.

Sevarion! And Malcador and Sigismund. Space Marines can have a hair cut. Regarding Sigismund.

Lion and Curze! Angels of Caliban.

Inspiration was the fight seen at the end of the Lion King :D

End of the seminar - looks like some awesome stuff to come from Black Library in the next months!

Oh, and I also have two cool teasers for Inferno for you all - BIG THANKS @ m_r_parker - you are awesome :) <3


Darko Thane, Lady Atia, and the other Battle Bunnies


  1. Darren just got the prototype new knight out. Pictures on my blog. Feel free to steal!

    1. Can you link :)? Will post after the seminar :)


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  2. How they do those photo collages amaze me. That is some serious photoshopping skills.

  3. Is Sigismund bold again?!! He was always refered as blond...

    Really like how they do the pictures

    1. I always thought he has black/dark brown hair and looks a bit like Aragorn from LotR :P

    2. That would be great. Not this elderly person that FW is selling)

    3. As above sometimes FW and BL have their own interpretation of design if no artwork is available. Such as the Lion on the new cover or the bald Sigismund model. This is also the reason that he is bald on the new Silent War cover, as they used that model for their inspiration when they had a resource to work from

  4. No matter what they say, Sigismund should have hair, thats the fluff. Only disapointment with the model. Looking forward to more books though, great work guys.

  5. Awesome stuff, I love seeing all the development pics

  6. Beautiful pics. Love the secutarii