Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Solar War Seminar

Hey everyone!

Next seminar is The Solar War - I'll keep the post up to date through it, so keep checking back :)

John French is working on Praetorian of Dorn.
Focussed on Imperial Fists. Master of Dorn's Huscarl, Arcamus. 
Alpha Legion vs Imperial Fists in Sol System.
Book is finished - has Malcador etc.

Solar War is a big conflict. A fortress with two walls. One is guarded by the Emperor (Webway) and the other (Solar system) by Dorn.

Mars is traitor held but they are isolated and blockaded on the planet.

The re-conquest of Mars is a battle which truly matters. The Solar system is the grave yard of untold dead empires etc. Fleets destroyed / artificial worlds / Dark age of technology worlds etc. - the defence of the Solar System is difficult as enemies are within and without.

Saturn and Jupiter have lots of moons which have their own mini empires - as do the planets (case and point Furious Abyss) each has their own agenda. Loyalties are complicated.

The Hives on Terra could be sided with the traitors - not all, but some. Has to Pacify the enemies (some could be the Alpha Legion as it is their specialty).

"Can Horus attack from multiple angles?"

"Dorn is loyalist Warmaster in all but name."  He has to analyse everything. If a force goes dark have they been destroyed or have they changed loyalties?

People fleeing in to the Solar System from the greater Imperium.

Ghosts Speak Not: Traitors at the front door and people not knowing about it. All about how to be on guard against terrorist activities and espionage. Dealing with the Alpha Legion etc.

"They will keep adding the pressure until Terra cracks." Someone will attack and another attacking force will learn from their mistakes etc.

Dorn knows Horus is coming but not sure how, so has to guess Horus' moves. Did he send ships to test defences as feints?

If Horus was killed someone else would have still tried to attack Terra.

Where were the Imperial Infantry? Where were the Titan Legions?

The Imperium starts its death throes in 30k where it dies in 40k.

Scouring will be done after the Horus Heresy. 

The Horus Heresy ends at the Siege of Terra. Scouring will begin after it!

Black Library are getting the Legions to start heading to Terra. - Path of Heaven is White Scars heading to defend Terra, and will start the lead into the Siege.

Knight Errants ARE Grey Knights. Slip up!

You will see Story threads which will drop out of the BL novels but will be picked up later by FW.

We will see Dorn fight (including on a cover)!

New stuff will start getting filtered in by Forge World showing the Legions start turning to Chaos / whilst others will become renegades for a lot longer. Some will be forced to divert from their core Legion rules.

Sons of Horus really fracture (Aaron's books which are out - Black Legion series, Talon of Horus).

The Night Lords are one of the last to be really influenced by Chaos.

During the Siege of Terra will we see Thunder Warriors? Not been agreed or set yet (Groundwork done with Outcast Dead though). Their legacy will be seen at the Siege of Terra or just before (but we will NOT SEE THEM AS AN ARMY LIST). Maybe see them in a Unification war set of books a lot of years in the future of BL or FW after the Horus Heresy.

Siege of the Emperor's palace is 7 months long.

Are the Sisters of Silence and Custodes sitting on their Butts? No they are really involved in the Webway War. The Emperor keeps requesting more troops but they never come back ... (See The Sigilite audio drama for example for intro to it really).

This war (under the fabric of space across the Galaxy) is lead by the Emperor as he really fights this secret war (which technically is the front line).

Sister of Silence are gathering Psykers as weapons. The whole thing really is a hidden war, where the Sisters of Silence are fighting to claim these resources before the Traitor Horus does.

The Crusader Host could come back (be called back if they are trusted).

A lost ship of Raven Guard (lost in the warp - they escaped from Isstvan V) has their own odyssey to arrive and fight at Terra. Info in Retribution.

Eldar at this point are not in a great state. They were hammered by the Imperium. They aren't up to much really.

End of the seminar :) - what do you guys and girls think? Write in the comments below! Thanks for reading.

Drake Seta, Lady Atia and the other Battle Bunnies


  1. Thanks! Any indication as to whether Praetorian of Dorn is a full novel or something shorter? I've been eagerly hoping for an IF novel by John French for a while :D

  2. I need praetorian, and the solar war sounds awesome! Thanks for all the hard work collecting this info :)

  3. Thanks for all the goos work.

    Sol system sounds like a horrid place to both try and attack and defend

  4. I am so sick of hearing about the Alpha "Mary sue" Legion. They have severely overdone their capabilities.

  5. Imperium dies in 40k... AoS'ing of 40k inbound :D

  6. So Praetorian of Dorn is finished? That's awesome - John French is a good author.

  7. Dorn on the cover fighting!!!! Epic!!!

  8. About time the plot advanced. Far too many HH booka have been treading water.

  9. I might be having a moment of stupidity at my end... But where is your story and pics of the Sokar Stormbird? I thought I read it this morning, but looking back at your posts i can't find it? I thought you did a detailed description and photos

    1. It's here :)

  10. Awesome seminar recap, lots of great stories inbound.

  11. Can you tell more about Knights-errant/Grey knights?

  12. 1. Another John French book on the IF and Dorn=Can only be good. John french is up there with ADB and Dan. I have loved everything he has written.
    2. Crusader host: How much can they do? I was under the impression there was only a few members from each legion? I am thinking of the insert of The Purge which had the members. Maybe not?
    3. Webway war with custodes and sisters of silence will be awesome, looking forward to ADB's Master of mankind book.

    This gives me hope they will at least get to the palace before my lifetime.

  13. Not sure the knights errant/grey knights bit is a slip, seeing as how the garro books have all but explicitly called them such.

    They're based out of titan, use elite marines whose talents make them primed for fighting threats such as daemons,and the sigilites mark is the inquisitorial rosette.

    The cats already out of the bag.

  14. I loved almost every work of John French so far, so another book of him is great. But Path of Heaven is the one that I am really looking forward. It will be great to see more from the Khagan and Targutai Yesugei.