Monday, 15 February 2016

Weekly Progress Report 14/2

Hey there guys, another week has passed and we have just about recovered after a week from the events of another great Horus Heresy Weekender. We have all now started to step up a gear and attempt to get things done for future ideas so lets see what we have been up to this week:

Work continues on the Night Lords for King Fluff, who is now nearly ready to put the finishing colours on his Leviathan. He's also found time to build and prime the first contemptor for his talon also.

Drake Seta has found time this week to continue Bone Garland. He has started putting some trim on the Volcano Cannons and is looking forward to continuing his Battle Engine. He has also re-ignited his passion for Titans and Titan Owners Club is now catching up. Have a look at the club over here:

More sketches and building designs have been Tylar's progress. With an edit to the Building Bigger things post coming in the week with a full update to follow. 
Watch this space!

Darien has set to work on his second Contemptor for the Sons of Horus. He has plenty of hobby time coming up this week, which should result in the Contemptor being completed!

Aveinus has had a busy weekend but has almost managed to complete his third predator. Just a few more blue lights on the turret to go and then transfers for the squadron!

Castiel has managed to finish off a five man tactical support squad with volkite calivers, watch out for a full post in the near future. He has also started on a 10 man despoiler squad for the Dark Angels.

Atia finished the Tactical Support Squad for her Word Bearers - you can see them posted earlier today. She also started to work on her next models - Breachers and the Primarch himself ...

A nice bag of updates going on over this week. What do you like the look of? What have you been working on? Let us know in the comments below :)

Darko Thane


  1. I love updates with this much progress. Everyone has done amazingly well this week.

    Love that Bone Garland is back underway :)

  2. Good stuff guys always great to see progress!

    Hopefully someone makes an attempt at some militia soon (I'm looking at you drake) and bone garland looks bloody beautiful can't wait to see her finished!

    Any plans on different Weapons?

    1. I've some plans for two small militia allies armies, but nothing for the near future.

      We also have a lots of Solar Auxilia to go though :)