Sunday, 28 February 2016

Weekly Progress Report 28/2

Hey guys so the last sunday of February, crazy to think we are already 2 (almost) completed months into 2016!!! But for now lets concentrate on the work we have put into our hobby this week:

Drake Seta has been continuing with his Warlord Titan Bone Garland. Expect some serious progress this week. He has painted the Brass onto the Gun shields over Corvus Black. 

Atia finished her last two Breachers this week. She also made great progress on Lorgar, who shall be revealed in the future.

King Fluff has been swelling the ranks of his mechanicum whilst also working on some Night Lords support units. He'll be holding off posting about the Leviathan now until it's finished but expect some cameo appearances from Night Lords characters and new units in the near future.

Aveinus has been trying to find the best way to apply transfers to his legion this week with Kaelo and Drake.

I (Darko) have been working continuously on his WE update project. You can check out my post yesterday for more details on that.

Kaelo has started assembling his Raven Guard legion for a special 'Legion in a Day' post coming next month. If you haven't seen this feature before then have a look at the first one we completed for Castiel's Dark Angels. It is a fantastic way to get a large amount done in a short time and eventually we hope to have one completed for each bunny involved. This means that Kaelo's Ultramarines are in hiatus currently. Regular readers will see that he has stopped working on them again. This is due to a difference in quality since the new plastic range and updated legion marines. Expect a post from Kaelo early next month looking at the new range and the reason he has repurchased an entire is a picture of his Dark Furies:

Darien hasn't made much progress with his painting this week due to work and writing the dreadnought guide for Thursday and the Betrayal overview post that went up yesterday! Progress has been made on the rules for Isaac Cordactus, my Sons of Horus Chaplian. Thank you to everyone that made some suggestions! A near final version of the rules will be up soon!

Tylar has been working on two projects this week between trips into the warp. 
The continuing project of his buildings and a tactical support squad. This will feature in a post soon. 
Look out for more Imperial fists in the coming month.

So, a lot to see this week. Progress of titan-ic proportions and some of smaller size. What do you like the look of this week? What have you guys been working on? Let us know in the comments below

Darko Thane


  1. Another week another Legion hey Kaelo? Lol. I'm happy that you have returned to Raven Guard for your Legion in a day. We can knock that out nice and quick!

    1. Unfortunately I couldn't see past the scale difference in the new legs. Pre-heresy Ultramarines are a project I have wanted to complete since I was a little schoolgirl and if it's not right I will redo and redo until it's as close to perfect as I can achieve. Time for an easy win with some Raven Guard and some Solar Auxilia which will allow for a more steady and realistic approach to my boys in blue. It's a restart but I think it will be a swift one. All the tanks are assembled, my list has been slimmed down (epic is coming) and the quality will be higher - thanks to Trolltrader on eBay where I managed to get 40 MKIV plastic recently for a steal. It's coming Drake. It's all coming...

    2. What was wrong with the ultras? Scale issue? Between the new plastics and new resin?
      I never noticed a scale issue before.

    3. The legs on the old resin kits are so much smaller and they missed leg day at the gym...

  2. Great work this week Bunnies! Looking forward to the legion in a day for the Raven Guard, those Dark Furies are really nice models!

  3. Kaelo, lol.....

    Everyone else, excellent work!

    1. Why am I sensing judgment? Lol

    2. At least I still had some progress :D it's actually a lot more than you see:
      5 Mor Deythan
      Kit bash moritat
      10 veterans
      10 MKVI tactical
      10 MKIV tactical
      5 MKIV tactical support
      Storm Eagle

    3. I see a hobby butterfly like myself!
      Great progress though bud!

  4. The red robed mechanicum chap in King Fluff's cybernetic group stands out wonderfully and is a nice contrast.

  5. All looking good :)

    How did you apply transfers in the end please?

    1. It's difficult to explain in a comment but I've not entirely decided just yet. We have done some tests using different methods. You can you use micro sol and set which is quite a simple way of applying them, however we found it sometimes appeared abit shiny. So it looks like I am going to use:

      Forgeworld clear
      Apply transfer and smooth down
      Another layer of clear
      Another layer of clear
      Then a coat of purity seal

    2. I am going to do more tests. The one main downside is that the purity seal will probably dull my highlight of Runefang Steel

    3. Oh we also used a heat gun or hairdryer to dry the layers of clear before adding the purity seal :)