Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Raven Guard Update

Hey all! 

So tonight I thought I would show you what I am currently working on. With the launch of the plastic MKIV marines and Forge Worlds updated kits, I became really unhappy with the old models I have hoarded over the years. The scale on the legs is far better now than it was previously and the quality is superior too. This has led me to sell all my old models and repurchase. I am now much happier with the quality and am building towards the Battle Bunnies next 'Legion in a Day' project - which is booked in for 10/04 - featuring the Raven Guard. I will be working on Ultramarines separately and there should be some leg work on them soon, I have 1 more order to make and they will be back on my table.

So let's take a look at the infantry that I will be doing for the Raven Guard. First up is a 10 MKIV tactical squad with bolters. I have given the sergeant a lightning claw in case people get too close. I haven't put the shoulder pads on yet because I have the FW MKIV ones but the rim needs sanding down - it is wider than the normal ones and I can't handle it lol

As you can see I have tested out my colour scheme on one of the marines. I am pretty happy with the result.

Next up is the start of a 10 man MKVI tactical squad with bolters, I am still working on 5 more. The sergeant has a combi weapon. I have used Raven Guard upgrade parts on the squad.

Rounding off my first wave of troops is a 5 man MKVI tactical support squad with Melta guns. Again, these are in MKVI armour and they have Raven Guard upgrade parts too.

I have used MKVI armour as the Raven Guard were the 3rd legion to prototype it and they were given quite a large amount. I will be adding in more MKIV eventually, probably in the form of an assault squad if they come out as plastics or if Forge World update/upgrade the kit.

As for dedicated transports; I am going to do a Drop Pod for rapid insertion with deep strike flavour, and a Rhino for a bit of armoured speed.

The theme of my Raven Guard force will be slightly different to what I think the norm is now. I see quite a few RG armies with a lot of Jetbikes for rapid insertion, which is totally cool. To me however, they aren't a get close and CC army but more of strike from the shadow type army. On a 6' X 4' board this is hard to convey with the rules allowed to us, so I will be going with more of a low powered shooty army that will be supported with faster and more well equipped units. The idea, a lot of the time, will be let the opponent come at me so I can strike from the sides or deep strike some danger!

I am sure it will be a live action plan that will change the more I play with the legion. I really want all my legions to play differently though - and I have the White Scars for the Jetbike spam lol.

The first axiom of victory at the moment is this though; 'Get some paint on your damn models' lol.

I hope you have enjoyed the first look at my current project. Please comment below with thoughts, ideas or even criticisms. Thanks for reading.



  1. Oh cool beakies!

    Maybe some mark V armour mixed in could also work, but only for after Istvaan sadly. But I loved the part where they forged new armours in Deliverance Lost ^^

    Oh, and make sure you get some FW Corvus Black Airbrush paint for the Legion in a Day :)

  2. Great progress! :D I am looking forward to the legion in a day with these guys!! Going to be fun facing them in the table too!

  3. Can't wait for you to paint these up mate!

  4. I love mkVI armour!
    So what's up with the mk4 shoulder pads?

    1. The FW shoulder pad designs across all MKs and Designs - have larger/wider/deeper rims. It's pretty noticeable too :S

    2. Oh man, I thought they would have got that right!?
      Hopefully because I use such a mix of things on my wolves it won't be such an issue

  5. Having just started assembling some Raven Guard as my first 30k legion I am pretty excited by this post!Can I ask how you are planning to do your black armour? Ive undercoated and then applied a base coat of corvus black on some marines and I'm pretty happy with the result. I was originally planning to add a blue glaze on the black but the corvus black has a nice small blue tint to it already and already makes the model stand out from a black undercoat.

    1. Hey bud :)

      I am doing pretty much the same. Sprayed it chaos black and then airbrushed the Corvus Black. Then I Nuln Oiled it. It's too dark to see in photos really but I really like it. Nice Matt finish to it. Lastly, I will Purity Seal it before chipping and weathering. Send me some pics of your work in progress :)


  6. Really really loving these, Raven Guard are one of my favorite legions!

    Quick question - something I've noticed recently (just getting into 30k) is the number of people who are equipping everyone in a support squad with a special weapon; but in Betrayal, the sergeant can't get a special weapon - is there an update somewhere that I'm missing? If you could point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it!

    1. Afaik it got fixed with a recent FAQ, yep.

    2. Got clarification - turns out its in the red books; strange they wouldn't also include unit changes like that in an FAQ download though - for those of us with all 6 books, I just assumed we didn't also need the red books XD