Thursday, 24 March 2016

Pre-Heresy Iron Hands: Iron Father Jebez Aug

Hello everyone!

I'm back with another post to show you my Iron Father Jebez Aug! I have recently completed adding transfers to him but I have had him mostly painted up for a quite a while as he is another model I started before I joined the blog.

Now I may end up using him as two different characters, the first being Jebez Aug and the other being Autek Mor but this will depend on which campaign or scenario we end up playing.

However, he will probably stay as Aug because of his ties to the Sorrgol Clan and Captain of the 10th company Shadrak Meduson. If you haven't heard of Aug yet he is a character from the black library books and the Warhammer World exclusive book Meduson as an Iron Father of Sorrgol.

I won't give much away if you haven't read about him just yet but he is part of Medusons shattered legion force. So I am planning on using him through my stories to interact with Aveinus Kaane and Meduson (When the model is hopefully released!)

I have just armed him with the standard load out but the kit does allow you to use different hand and weapon options and it was a really nice model to build and paint. One thing I will mention is that when I applied the transfers I chose to have the Iron hand symbol with the fingers facing forwards, purely as a personal preference because from the front of the model you can't see the transfer, where as from the back you can and I just preferred the way it looked.

You will see his story and past fleshed out as we start our campains and it will then filter into the black library fluff when we eventually reach the heresy.

Just on a side note I thought I would just show you a quick work in progress shot of my plasma gun support squad. I've now completed the Leadbelcher, wash and just need to add the white to the eye lenses before I use the Guilliman Blue Glaze. So these should hopefully be completed for my next post at the weekend!

So I hope you like my Iron Father, let us know about what you are working on at the moment too before it gets busy over the easter weekend!

Thanks again,

Aveinus Kaane


  1. They look awesome mate! Really loving the name too! Awesome stuff!!

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Darien looking forward to seeing the shed load of progress you've made :P

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Atia :). Loving the heresy sized orks too!

  4. That looks freaking awesome. Have you considered making a character card etc for him? Got any idea of special rules after reading about him?

    1. Thanks Drake! No, to be honest I havent thought about doing it yet, I need to look at doing one for Aveinus Kaane before him I think but I will get on it! There isn't too much information on Aug but I'll have another read :)

  5. Glorious! They he looks great! The plasma gunners too! Now I feel bad for not having enough time for my own Iron Hands. Mind if I ask why you use the 25mm bases for the troops?

    1. Thanks Zyntax :). I just made the decision to keep them on 25mm because I already have all of my troops on them. I've been working on them from before they made the change to 32mm so I just didn't want to have to rebase them all again. I may change my mind though :)

    2. Honestly I prefer keeping my goons on 25mm and reserve the 32mm for HQs and the like. I think it makes it slightly easier to identify the HQ no matter how unique it is.
      Also with the unit sizes in HH I feel like it can get a bit too big if the goons were on 32mm.
      However, I understand why so many prefer 32mm over 25mm as it does add more freedom in basing (and also has its advantages on the tabletop).

    3. Yeah I agree with you, I think I would have gone for 32mm if I knew about the rebasing before I started the army but I'm quite happy to just have elite and HQ choices on them :)