Thursday 3 March 2016

Solar Auxilia Basilisk Update

Hello Bunnies

Tonight I have been working on a Solar Auxilia Basilisk and Dracosan. My stage of the tank project is to complete the gold, for which I am using the reasonably new Retributor Armour paint. 

It is a long winded and time consuming ball-ache of a has been really good fun lol.

These are beautifully designed vehicles and they are looking tremendous now they are getting blinged up

What do you think?



  1. I think they would look better in black, or maybe very dark grey... In all seriousness, they are coming along nicely.

    1. Knowing the bunnies, the will probably get some contrast in the models. Oil washes maybe?

      I love that gold. Covers well in one or two coats, rather than seven or eight coats with layer paints.

      Keep up the good work!

    2. Yeah. We only are sticking to grey average colours as we didn't want the Solar Auxilia to be seen as a primary force when on the battlefield (takes it away from the Legions). So relatively muted colours was our way forward.

      And yeah, they are looking very flat at the moment, but that will change. Washes etc a-plenty, possibly even a Klear wash with various washes from GW. Got to get the Red and Yellow stripe / Golds and metals on first though. Then it will get back to me for Transfers, washing, weathering, streaking and sealing. Looking forward to it.

    3. . . . a Raven device on a black Dracosan would look good though ;)

    4. Just wing it. That was a Raven pun.

    5. 2 comments on one post Roger?? No need to to get in a flap about it...that was a Raven pun.

    6. You guys murder me.....that was supposed to be a raven pun,but in the end I'm crowing at nothing

  2. Looking good! That gold comes out really nicely!