Friday, 11 March 2016

Warlord Titan: Heat Bloom!

Hi all. 

I have taken another step in my hobby experience now. Adding heat damage to weaponary. 

So this was something I was really worried about doing. I researched it lots, found some great guides online, but just wasn't confident. 
Luckily the new HH Masterclass book showcases how to do this. 

So I followed their guide and used FW's clear airbrush paints. 

Step 1: Clear blue - Calth Blue

Step 2: Clear Purple - Eidolon Purple

Step 3: Clear Red - Angron Red

Step 4: Clear Orange - Pyroclast Orange

Step 4: Clear yellow - Sigismund yellow

It is a really effective and easy to achieve technique. I'm pleased with the results too. 

Well Bone Garland is carrying on at a better rate now. Next stage will be finishing all surfaces prior to oil weathering the panels. 

Drake Seta