Sunday, 20 March 2016

Weekly Progress Report 20/03

Hello everybody!

It's Sunday and the Bunnies would like to share the weeks progress with you. It has been an interesting week on the blog this week with a variety of projects that the Bunnies are grafting away at...

Drake has been doing the finishing touches to the Solar Auxilia Storm section. Kaelo just needs to base them and they will be ready for a post this week.

Tylar has no progress to speak of this week due to work and family commitments however the next couple of weeks should be busy and he's looking forward to updating some projects.

Atia ordered her new airbrush needle - and used the time to build up her Waaaagh! Stay tuned for more Orks action in the next weeks 😊

Darien has been continuing work on his Reavers and they are now very close to being fully complete! Washing and dry brushing on bases and 2 faces to paint! They should be done by the end of the day!

Castiel has been making progress on his 10 man despoiler squad with only a couple of hours until completion hopefully. Watch out for a full post on them later in the week.

Kaelo has been working on a load of Raven Guard assembly for an upcoming blog post which is planned for 10/04. Here are some of his assembly pictures. First is a kitbash Moritat made from a Dark Fury with a Blood Angel 40k head. It is missing a Volkite Serpenta. Next is a squad of Dark Furies and some Mor Deythan. His assembly will continue this week. Stay tuned.

Aveinus has had a slow week, but has managed to the get the rest of his plasma gun support squad built and sprayed with chaos black. He's then started to add the base coat of Leadbelcher.

I have been working on some Mechanicum units (see today's earlier post) and on a rather large project which landed on my desk yesterday, I present 'Venatoribus Hastam' my previously loved Warlord that I'll be giving some TLC to as I refurb it over the next few months.

That is all for this week. I hope you have enjoyed the update. Why don't you tell us what you have been working on in the comments below! We would love to hear from you. 

Hope you have a productive hobby week everyone!

King Fluff