Sunday 24 April 2016

Weekly Progress Report 24/04/16

Hi all. 
Another busy week in the Bunny camp. So let's see what we have been up to:

This week King Fluff has been slowly progressing his Mechanicum and Night Lords, expect posts in some finished units over the next few weeks.

Kaelo has been assembling a veteran squad for his Raven Guard. Here is a preview of a Heavy Bolter marine as part of that squad. He will be armed with a suspensor web allowing for a mobile ranged squad with the sniper rule.

Aveinus has started building his Questoris Knight-styrix this week and hopes to have if built in the next few days.

Darien has finished painted his Land Raider MK2B and has now started working on his 2 Vindicators for his Sons of Horus First Company.

Drake has already shown off his first Ltd Ed Imperial Space Marine earlier in the week. He also at the same time worked on his Death Guard Legion version which is also complete. You should see the finished model within the week. 

Atia was busy working on her Contemptor Dreadnought this week, who shall be revealed in the next days. She also started to prepare her 15 Tactical Marines for painting. Last but not least, there are some whispers that her Word Bearers are trying to summon another Greater Daemon - stay tuned!

This week Tylar has used his limited hobby time to clean prep and build his next addition. A Missile launcher Demi-squad with the new Proteus II pattern launchers. 
He hopes to complete these over the next week or so before moving onto a Tactical squad. Look out for his upcoming Tank post. 

That's all of the updates for this week. Go on guys. Comment below to let us know what you have been working on!

Drake Seta


  1. Great progress guys, those Vindicators look the boss!

    Tylar, how did you find the missile launchers? I've been building a squad too and I found they were a bit of a pain. I needed to file the wrist part on the hand and the elbow to make a good fit. I didn't have this problem with the new auto cannon or volkites culverin. I do prefer them to the shoulder mounted ones at any rate.

    1. Yeah I had a similar issue. I found the best way was to glue the left arm on first allowing for the correct height and feel and then modifying the right arm and launcher. I'm not impressed with how they fit to the plastic I kits I won't lie. I expected a much better fit.
      However I like the look and they can be subbed into Vet Tactical squads for the old school Space crusade suspensor web look which I do love.
      It's just a shame there not as good as I expected. AND the mold release on them was ridiculous.
      It's getting to be a serious burden now to clean minis.

    2. I haven't noticed the mold release. Hopefully I received a better batch.

      I agree, these look good, mine are AL, so the suit sealhly infiltration army fluff very well. No snagging on a branch with these bad boys!

    3. Kaelo had a really bad mould release problem too on these weapons too. It was so glossy even after the Swarfega soak etc.

    4. I had that problem with my Samus.

      FW's answer is to clean it very very very well, and use purity seal before primer, and spray primer.

      Also want to note, the plastic ones from BaC aren't that easy to build! Q_Q

      PS: I love the new missile launchers <3

    5. Yeah, the B@C missile launchers are a pig to build too!

  2. Loving the Mk VI Raven Guard and of course Darien's Vindicators.

  3. The Thallaxii are great, so far.
    Knight Styrix......

  4. Interesting to see that some of you guys assemble marines before painting and others paint in stage. Still very much undecided how I am going to approach this.