Sunday 8 May 2016

Mecenaries or Heroes?

Good evening my late night Bunnies. Tonight I'll be sharing some thoughts that not only effect your army choices but your hobby choices too. 

Shattered Legions/Blackshields - Now love them or loath them they have a significant and important part to play in the Heresy story arc and in the future of the imperium. 
The first obvious go to guy is the main man himself the Agentia Primus. 

He's the first of many Loyalists who are effectively 'Blackshields' yet through his role becomes so much more. 

But aside from the fluff aspect of Blackshileds lets again look at things from a gaming perspective. 
Shattered legions are where we're going. A group or number of groups of individuals from different legions banding together. Or a group of legionaries cut off from their legion with no knowledge of what has transpired. 
I for one love the idea of fielding loyalist World Eaters and Deathguard along side a group of embattled Imp Fists. 

Who's to say in the far reaches of the crusade this isn't possible?

So who do you have to fight at you side?

Well here's a look at my own ideas. 

Battered and on the back foot where would you seek aid or take the hand of friendship?

Pyroclasts who wouldn't want some heavy infantry with flamers right?

White scar outriders. Bikes and speed, lightning fast assault back up with swords!

Striking from the within the enemy, Alpha legion operatives loyal to Emperor still? Why not?

And two of my own personal favourites that fit nicely with the Garro sort arc:

Loyalist World Eater assault marines. 

And a squad of Palantine Blades. 

What you have there is an endless amount of fun on two counts. One the gaming aspect. It allows you to use and field units you wouldn't normally, making your gaming experience new and fresh. 
Two the hobby aspect. If you can't afford to start a second legion or you just plain don't want to, but you love building painting and modelling then again this allows you to build that elite unit from another legion or paint a different legion to test your own painting skills. 

It doesn't stop there:

True Blackshields have gone down a path they don't wish to return from. Forsaking their own heraldry and taking up the panoply of a shadow force they strike without warning. Either to their own agenda a twisted version of the imperial truth or a much darker path. 
Either aligning to the Warmaster or just going in the same direction dancing to their own tune. 

The best part..The choice is all yours.  I hope you've enjoyed my brief little walk down the path of noble ronin. 
Have a think and let us know your own thoughts on fielding shattered legion forces or a true Blackshield force. 

And what path will you tread Loyalist, true follower of the Warmaster or a more sinister one?

- Tylar :)


  1. " gaming perspective.
    Shattered legions are where we're going."
    Until you exploit Rites of War or particular combinations to far and the other person just says no.

    I like Blackshields alot though - particularly as a sufficiently idiosyncratic paint scheme of a legion can be made into blackshields - which fits in very well with Night Lords.

    1. AbokaseeRed - you're right there are a few legions that slot straight in.

      What I meant by 'where we are going' is not gaming in general just with this particular post.
      I don't think it's where gamers are going to the point of power gaming but yes I see what you mean that it could be taken that way.

      For me it's an excellent fluff opportunity to field other units. Especially if your force is a post Istvaan III survivor force or even an Istvaan V survivor force.

      It opens up a great many avenues for positives :)