Saturday 7 May 2016

Questoris Knight Styrix: WIP Update

Hello everyone,

I'm back to give you all a glimpse of where I am up to with my Mechanicum Questoris Knight Styrix!

So as you can see since my last post, I have now managed to get the model built. I'll tell you why its missing the armour plates in a moment! Overall its a lovely model to build and the majority of it being plastic has helped a lot! The only tricky part was getting the correct pose.

I did encounter some problems with the pose I wanted as I couldn't get the power cabling to fit from the back of the knight on to the volkite. It is however stated in the instructions that the power cabling may need to be heated in order to pose the model correctly.

So I had to take a trip to B&Q to look for a heat gun! The one above was £24 and was apparently recommended for heating plastic! What I will say is on the plus side the gun worked very well and after only a small amount of heating the resin was very malleable. With some fast super gluing I managed to get both ends where I wanted them, with the pose I was looking for!

On the downside it is another £24 you're paying towards an already expensive model but I'm sure I will have more uses for it with future models. One thing I will say is be very careful with the heat gun! :).

So my other progress made was on the armour plates. After washing the resin a few times I decided to first spray them with the chaos black primer and then that was followed by the Mephiston Red spray paint. I did this to hopefully get a nice smooth coat on the red areas of the armour paneling and a few coats of spray paint should also hopefully prevent any paint flaking off the resin. This is also why I have kept the panels separate, so that if I do get any flaking during the painting process I can either try to touch it up or just strip the paint off of the resin and start again :(.

Please note that all of the pieces are the same colour red and it is just the lighting that is making the middle pieces seem pale!

So my next step is to spray the knight black before using the leadbelcher spray for its base coat.

I'm pretty excited about the new look GW at the moment and their releases for all of their games look excellent. So I hope you're all  managing to crack on with your current projects and as always let us know how're getting on :).

Thanks again for reading,

Aveinus Kaane


  1. Looking good! Loving the pose!

  2. Totally agree. Great looking Knight and cool pose.

  3. For the future, and anyone else reading, a heat gun isn't necessary, a cheap hair dryer will do the job for a lot less dough and you might already have one in the house. Alternatively, you can submerge the part in hot water for a little while which will soften in and allow it to be bent to shape.

  4. 3 years late but, your GFs hairdryer is great for bending resin too!