Monday, 16 May 2016

Sons of Horus First Company Update 14

Hello all!

A great weekend for our hobby has just passed, unfortunately I was unable to attend Warhammer Fest. Thankfully the other Bunnies were able to and once again did a fantastic job of keeping us informed of what Forgeworld and GW have coming our way in the near future.

I am really liking the all new legion specific upgrades that they previewed. Especially the Phoenix power spears for the Emperors Children, as this will be the next legion that I will be working on and I would like to arm some of my characters with these. Here's hoping the drop a Jump Pack upgrade kit some as well! The rumours of larger plastic models, such as the Thunderhawk (only a matter of time in my opinion!) and Warhound titan have me very interested as I have long considered buying both of these models for quite a while! The legion dice also have me very excited and I will be buying many for my Sons of Horus and the Emperors Children down the line.

Over the past week I have been able to complete another tank for my SoH First Company, the Sicaran Venator.

This is now the 5th tank that I have completed for this legion and I have a good choice of heavy fire support now available to make use of.

It is starting to feel like the Sons of Horus First Company are getting very close to being complete. I have around 3800 points now fully painted, which seems to have happened in quite a short space of time!

The list of what I have left to paint:
3 Dreadclaw Drop pods - these are up next and I have already started on one!
11 Justaerin - Again I have started on these, I have already completed the base layer of red.
10 Reavers - need to build these, will use them to add some special weapons into my existing squads as well as creating a 3rd squad.
2 Levithans - need building.
1 Dreadeo - not sure if I will include this in the SoH but I have the model ready to build.
Fireraptor - I was planning on including with the First Company but I have decided that I will complete this in Green instead to go with the non First Company SoH I have planned.
Master of Signal - kit bash using a reaver body and the master of signal
Falkus Kibre - I will use a Justaerin body not sure what to arm him with, thinking a sword and combi-bolter that comes with Abaddon.
Kalus Ekkaddon - Using a Reaver body, again not sure what to arm him with, possibly a plasma pistol and power axe.

To round it all of will be Horus himself! I have given him a new base, something more in keeping with the rest of the army. He is awaiting base coating with some of the remaining bits above.

Listing it all makes it seem like a bigger task than I keep thinking! I am currently completing models quickly at the moment and with the 5 vehicles completed it feels like the bulk of the work is out of the way! Here's hoping my current pace can continue!