Saturday 14 May 2016

The cabinets at Warhammer Fest 2016

Hi all

One of our favourite things about these events is the contents of the cabinets!

 So the queue went out of the door!!
 All the way to the other end.

 Early bird . . . gets through the queue first!!!

 Sales Area

Andy Hoare's lovely Emperor's Children were on display again


 Fulgrim sporting Fireblade

 Paul Rudge's Death Guard . . . . But no Rudgie!!!!

 Lovely Iron Circle
 Some fantastic Blood Bowl stuff. . . . I have been saying it for years "Forge World should take on all Specialist games" and now they have I am over the moon.

If you want to see more of our Blood Bowl Coverage


  1. Anything special about the world eaters in the back of the bottom shelf the case? The rest of the shelf seems to be showing off last three upgrade kits: 1k sons, wolves and alpha legion

    1. Hi Nogle. They were just personal project models.

  2. Is... is... is that a Mk IV Breacher Upgrade kit??

    1. Hi Tyler. Yes it is. But it is an upgrade kit for the Ultramarines (they can buy power swords as an upgrade to their Breacher squads I believe).
      Though I would expect them soonish.