Thursday, 30 June 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; A New Project Begins

Hey Bunnies

Bit of a quick update tonight. I have started assembling my Ultramarines. Here is a picture of work in progress troop choices.

3 tactical support squads
1 10 man despoiler squad 
1 10 man tactical squad

I haven't finished all my Raven Guard yet but really need to make some space in my gaming room as I am moving soon. I will be working on my Raven Guard this Saturday before I try out my Throne of Skulls army against Aveinus' Iron Hands which I am really looking forward to. Been lucky enough to have a good few games recently...which probably means that a new edition will be cropping up soon lol

Got plenty of cool stuff coming up so keep your eyes peeled on the blog or on our Facebook.

Stay fluffy