Thursday, 30 June 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; A New Project Begins

Hey Bunnies

Bit of a quick update tonight. I have started assembling my Ultramarines. Here is a picture of work in progress troop choices.

3 tactical support squads
1 10 man despoiler squad 
1 10 man tactical squad

I haven't finished all my Raven Guard yet but really need to make some space in my gaming room as I am moving soon. I will be working on my Raven Guard this Saturday before I try out my Throne of Skulls army against Aveinus' Iron Hands which I am really looking forward to. Been lucky enough to have a good few games recently...which probably means that a new edition will be cropping up soon lol

Got plenty of cool stuff coming up so keep your eyes peeled on the blog or on our Facebook.

Stay fluffy



  1. Nice. Finally somemore ultras on the blog. Can't wait to see how these turn out. Your ultras started me on the Horus heresy path, so darn it all I want to see this bit through.

    1. The journey with my UMs has been an emotional one. I want them to really be how I picture the army but also follow the fluff. The blue HS to be my idea of perfect. Unfortunately, 3 cans of Macragge Blue threw out 3 different finishes and this meant I had to change my scheme. (One of those finished was really powdery and textured). Then I didn't like the Invictarii Suzerain models, the are nice but not my image of what they would be. After spending £100 on them and the colour going wrong I started to lose the will to live. Then plastic marines were released and the scale was so different, that was the final straw. Lol. Everything is planned and 90% purchased now. I have come up with a theme for my company (the 99th) and I am really buzzy to start the 3 part escalation campaign for Kaelo's origin story.

    2. I hear you. The primer I used was way to light. So all I did was paint a coat of macragge blue over top and then to finish them off a heavy was of nuln oil. To me, they are perfect like that.
      What method are you going to use to do their bases? As in what will the bases look like?

    3. I do all my bases the same. Sand and gravel - black undercoat - dryad bark drybrush - gothor brown lighter drybrush - baneblade brown lighter drybrush - Karnak stone drybrush on the bigger stones

  2. Looking forward to seeing this project progress! I'm just getting underway with my own Ultramarines project, and am looking forward to your take on the legion - especially the Suzerains!