Thursday 28 July 2016

Helping out the Kaelo

Hi all. 

With the HH throne of skulls approaching Kaelo has been doing last minute prep of his Raven Guard force that he is taking this weekend. Considering he helped me out two Throne of Skulls ago, I had to help him out for this one. 

So tonight I have been chipping and painting up his XIX Legion assets. 

So a Whirlwind and a drop pod have received my attention tonight. 

Been some hard graft but they are almost done. 

Was fun using the Raven Guard Transfer set on the vehicles to add some character. 

So are you going to Throne of Skulls?

Drake Seta


  1. I'm Sending Nick and Roger (and others) to do my dirty work for me, as alas, i'm working :(

    1. I really hope to get in a game against the pair of them!

  2. Those are looking fine! Kaelo will have a fine force to field. Are you taking you Death Guard?

    Good luck at the ToS!

    I've been designing a shipping crate and any c&c you (and other bunnies) can give would be great!(pics on my blog)

    1. Just myself and Darius playing this time buddy. You heading up?