Sunday, 10 July 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Weekly Progress Report

Hi all!

Can you believe it? Another week come and gone!! Let's take a look at what we have been working on this last week!

This week Drake has been completed his Death Guard Contemptors for that extra bit of death dealing for the Purokar League, a full post will appear in the week. He will be working on the Vlka Fenryka and Death Guard infantry this and next week.

King Fluff hasn't really had much time on the ways of hobby this week - although he did try to get a little done on his Reaver Titan.

Darien hasn't had much time to paint this past week but he his managed to complete the base colours on 11 Justaerin. Fingers crossed these will be finish in the 2 weeks!

Aveinus has been busy this week but has been doing some more purity seal testing for the iron hands and has completed a few stages on his contemptor dreadnought

Tylar has been away in the warp this week with a virus attack being avoided as his gene-enhanced systems went into over drive to battle the contagion. 
He did however mange to put the final touches to his Praetor Tribune. Look out this week for a start to finish of the project.

I have been trimming and undercoating my replacement Mor Deythan weapons. After establishing the depth of sniper rifle poorness, 5 combi weapons add a little bit more kick! I have also undercoated my Raven Guard Whirlwind Scorpius.

Castiel has undercoated 3 predators for his Dark Angels. With the squadron bonus' that the Dark Angels get, these are looking particularly tasty! 

Atia managed to espace the Garden of Nurgle. She continued to work on her Brass Scorpion and also found something useful for the base decoration in her bits box ...

I hope you have found something to enjoy in the update, check back next week for some more 🙂

Stay fluffy



  1. Another week goes by and I do nothing...except re-read Scars, Wolf King and start Path of Heaven in between work and dog walks. I think I need to cut back on my reading and get my hobby arse into gear!
    The Iron Hand Contemptor is looking extra nice.

    1. Do what I do; Audiobooks!!!! Doubles your hobby time :) paint and listen, drive and listen, walk and listen. Perfect!

    2. I'll have to give it a go with some of the audio dramas.

  2. I started catching up on the HH series with The Path of Heaven, and also picked up Angels of Caliban.
    I also lost enthusiasm a few months ago for modelling as I don't like the painting stage but my Salamanders need painting so hoping that having had a 3 week holiday my motivation comes back!!

  3. I finally finished my last tactical squad of 15 men. Gosh are they hard to do! Just have a terminator squad, a predator, a preator, a counsel and basing to do and I am done! For now.

    1. Lol. Good stuff Simon. Did you do it as a shattered Legion force or not in the end?

    2. I will eventually be doing the shattered legions, but I wanted to get the base if my army: the ultramarines done first. I will eventually bulk out the 15 man squads to 20 men, with the last five in each squad being from different legions. I am also adding another 10 veterans, 5 plasma support marines and 5 missile launchers.

  4. Atia, glad you got something grand planned for the base.

    Tyler, nice Tribune work.

    Drake, great Dreads. Have you seen my Leviathan? You getting one for the DG?

    1. Hi Siph. I haven't. Will swing by and have a look on your blog :)
      I don't think I will for Death Guard at the moment (would love to, but not enough time and money at mo!). I Have one for the Rout and one for the Iron Warriors.
      I am planning on stripping two Castra Ferrums I have to go for the Death Guard as I heard that they were designed for boarding actions and Zone Mortalis, and as the Death Guard are kings of ZM I think they should make an appearance :)

    2. Siph Check out the part II of the Tribune Journey.

    3. Glad you like the idea so far - hope it will all work out at the end :)