Sunday, 17 July 2016

Open Day 2016: It's time for Middle-earth!

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Some Middle-earth stuff there at the Open Day:

The new basic rules book!

Angmar Shade - for sale today again :)

Some really awesome Lake Town houses - also usable for Mordhaim I heard ;)

Gundabad Berserkers - for Sauron!

Dain! I love his pig - awesome dude.

And of course his army!

What do you think about the new Middle-Earth stuff so far? Write us in the comments below :)

Drake Seta and Lady Atia


  1. Replies
    1. The models are FW resin. Not sure about the Lake Town houses tbh.

    2. Lake houses are plastic. Very promising for what they can do for Necromunda!

    3. The lake town houses were designed over 2 years ago! They will be plastic. All new mini's that are released will be in Forgeworld resin. The new book isn't new rules, it is sencerios from the last 2 hobbit films and updated rules for the models and some new models. The current hobbit rule book will be staying for the time being. Releases will start from November!

  2. They look beautiful! I love what I'm seeing so far


  3. sorry for the inconvenience,
    I wanted to know if the books are also translated into Italian or remain only in English ?
    thank you for your availability