Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Contemptor with Multi-Melta and Power Claw

Hi all. 

Just finished my two Contemptors. I equipped one with the staple Death Guard weapon selections; Multi-Melta and Power Claw (as per Betrayal). The weapons suit their mid to close style of war, so I will be making good use of this Contemptor going forward. 

As ever photographing white is a pain. So I am sorry the pics aren't as dirty as the walker is in real life. 

The streaks were done with oil paints and white spirits (see my Medusa guide for more info). 

The multi Melta barrel was done with Tamiya Real Copper then weathered for heat damage. 

Drake Seta


  1. Looking great! And I see he's running around next to the 30-year model, too. Very well executed paint job.

  2. He is looking really good! Going to be good to see him in the campaign! :D

  3. These are great, now a Leviathan? CC one? Very Deathguard looking...

    1. Ah, fair enough, read your last reply.... Can't wait to see the Leviathan in your Rout colour scheme

  4. Replies
    1. Finished another DG specific one. Then finishing a 5 man Plasma Cannon Squad. Then 10 Tactical Legionaires for the Rout. Then Russ if out. If not I may do Garros command squad :)

  5. Nice plan mate, but I suspect Russ may get a bit of a bump up the list if he's out Sunday.

    You rocking the Russ Lives T-shirt Sunday?

  6. Awesome!

    My DG Conti also has CCW/Multi-Melta and it's pretty deadly - killed a poor Salamanders Dread with ease in my first ZM game^^