Thursday, 18 August 2016

Sons of Horus First Company update 21

Hello all!

Work has been very busy over the last 2 weeks and as such has hindered my progress some what. I have manager to some progress though. Starting with base coating the Mastodon and my 2 remaining Dreadclaws.

These are the last of my vehicles for the First Company. Once they are complete, I will be able to transport everyone in the army across the table. 

I am also working on getting the last of the units assembled that I will be adding to the First Company. I have 10 Reavers on the go, 6 armed with special weapons (4 melta and 2 plasma guns). 2 each of will be going in each squad. 

I used the plastic special weapons from BaC. I mixed up 2 hand holding and 1 handed. I have started on model to represent the leader of the Reaver Kalus Ekkaddon. I decided to go for a lightning claw and plasma pistol, as I found no description of what he took to war so made up my own mind! 

He is essentially done except pads and back pack. I have also been preparing a model Falkus Kibre, again no description of his wargear (if you know anything about Kibre and Ekkaddon wargear please let me know!). He is again work in progress, I have made use of Abaddons body and the terminator preator arms. I will be adding some etched brass to him to make him more SoH. 

I had a second leviathan and a deredeo sat in boxes not doing anything and couldn't decide which of my other legions they would fit in. In the end I decided the would go best with the SoH First Company, so I got them washed and ready for assembly. 

I am hoping work improves and I can get back to some decent hobby time. In the mean time I will keep chipping away at these bits. 

Happy hobbying!