Friday, 30 September 2016

Darien Vasco the next legion: Emperor's Children

Hello all!

I have spent the last 10-11 months working non stop on my Sons of Horus First Company. I am running out of steam and models to paint for them, having finished about 5500 points! I still have a little bit to finish off and I will hopefully be completing a few more bits ready for the Shadow War campaign at the end of October.

I am now looking to get going on my next legion, The Emperor's Children.

I found coming up with a list to be quite straight forward. I wanted to include elements that I felt suited the legion as well as those that Fulgrim was known to favour. I also wanted to make sure they play very differently to the Sons of Horus. As such I have planned to include lots of marines, some fast moving elements and of course the legion specific units. The legion will be set in the great crusade era so will be seen at its high and before it starts it fall to Chaos, meaning I won't be making any use of  Kakophoni or Sonic Shriekers.

The army will be headed up by a bunch of different characters depending on the campaign they are fighting at the time. Fulgrim, Saul Travitz, Eidolon and Darien Vasco will be main leaders. The current line up for the army is as follows:

2 x 20 man tactical marines
2x 10 man tactical marines with rhino's

10 Phoenix Terminators
2 x 10 man Platine Blades (I think with jump packs but I haven't decided yet.)

Fast attack
6 Jetbikes
3 Javelin attack speeders

Heavy support
10 heavy support marines with lascannons
3 Predators with lascannons

Lords of War:

It will mostly be used with the Emperor's Children Rite of War The Maru Skara. Which will add another different level of play feel over the rest of legions.

As for painting I am planning on getting some test models done soon, I think I will be using a metallic scheme to match the art from the black books. Base coat leadbleacher, zenith highlight with runefang, wash with nuln oil and then wash with Eidolon clear from forgeworld. I am not sure what gold to use yet, so any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully this will then look like this:

I would love to know your thoughts on the list and paint scheme plan!

Happy Hobbying!



  1. Emperor's Children are what first drew me to starting a legion, I just love the ornate purple gold aesthetic, though I only properly started them since the new legions red book as they were frankly boring to play until the update. Though if you find a way to make Palatine blades even slightly worth their points please tell me :P, they're either hugely underwhelming or such a points sink they just aren't worth it, shame given how amazing the models are.

    1. The updated legion rules have certainly helped them! The palatine blades are awesome models! I'm not really worried about the points they cost, they just look cool!

      Without having played them my guess would be either jump packs or a land raider to get in assault range then charge! Give them power swords, target them at marines or anything without a 2+ save and watch them kill everything in a squad. With the +1 initiative on the charge they should be good to wipe a unit out before being hit back. I guess the main problem they have is they are just a marine at the end of the day and die just as easily, which is a bummer.

    2. It may increase the point sink even more, but shoving Phoenix spears on them makes them an absolute blender on the charge. I'd give them jump packs to make sure they get it.

    3. I want to include a couple of Phoenix spears in the squads! I've been trying to decide if I want to give them jump packs or a land raider to ride in! I'm leaning towards jump packs cause they are cool!

    4. Why not go: 10 with jump packs and power swords, and 10 with spears and a landraider? It kind of evens out the points perhaps, plus it gives you one unit with packs that you want and one unit in a pimped out transport.

    5. That could very well be a good plan! Don't think I will have 10 with spears though, they look really cool with swords!

  2. For the gold, depending on how deep your purple is... I recommend a champagne gold... Something light and soft to shine off the purple.

    1. Yeah I think it's going to be a case of wait and see how the purple comes out and then try a few different golds till I find one I like!

  3. I run ten with jump packs and 3 spears and it's plenty. Power swords aren't necessary. With 4 attacks each ok tye charge they rend well :)

    If you want a land raider it'll have to come from a heavy slot as it's jump pack or rhino as dedicated transport.

    For gold I use Retributor as a base, wash with seraphim sepia, highlight with auric armour gold. Works nicely in my view :)

    Welcome to the Third!!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts! :) I had seen they couldn't take a LR as dedicated, sucks a bit but I'm leaning more towards jump packs anyway!

      I will give them a go with just sabres and see how they get on. I think 3 spears will be a good balance!

      I had thought about retributor gold, think that will be my starting place!

    2. No worries :)

      Jump packs are great as they're on the table - too nice models to hide in a transport!

  4. I'd suggest a Glaive over the Fellblade. Main reason is because it is a precision/finesse weapon which I think might suit their way of war better on the table top. The list is great though.

    1. I like that idea! Love the glaive! Main reason for the fellblade is that I have the model!!