Saturday, 3 September 2016

Vlka Fenryka: First Tactical Squad

Hi all. 

Just a post to say as you can see, I have finished my first 10 Vlka Fenryka. 

Only thing left to do is add park markings when Inferno rolls round and add some muddy boots. 

I have enjoyed doing them with various 40k Space Wolves upgrade parts as well as a spread of Warhammer dwarf axes. 

I have decided that the next squad I do will be a Heavy Support squad of some kind, to give Rob McFarlane some time to get his awesome upgrades ready and out for tactical squads. 

I sculpted beards and pelts. They aren't perfect, but for a first attempt I am quite happy. 

I purposefully mixed armour plates and pauldrons up for this Legion, this in my opinion adds a Legacy feel to each wolf. 

Anyway. Back to two Warhounds for me now. . . . Unless I land me a Russ :)

Drake Seta


  1. Sweet work Drake, great scheme, dark and moody.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Atia. It is appreciated. Can't wait to do some Breacher Legionaires!

  3. Great paint scheme do you mind filling me in on the paints you used?

    1. Hi Kyle. Hopes this helps.

    2. Oh cool thanks drake. I guess I must have missed that post.

  4. Looking good mate. The SW dream is becoming a reality!

  5. These guys look awesome! Great painting and sculpting! They are going to look great as an army!