Saturday, 1 October 2016

Adeptus Titanicus and more Titan information.

Hi all. Here is some more info coming out of the European Weekender:

First book is based on the events of Titandeath which enabled Horus to reach Terra. 

There will be more books (like with the Black book series). 

They want to do Psi-Titans and Nemesis 

Reaver is sculpted already Cerastus is next. 

Loyal versions of the Subjugator will be done in New Epic scale first (as well as Knights). 

The Subjugator is a "Light Titan"

Game is based around 5 Titans a side + Plus Knights

Teleporting Warprunners "they can" maybe Legio specific rules. 

3 modes to play (like AoS). 

Lady Atia