Friday 28 October 2016

Burning of Prospero: Vlka Fenryka painted

Hi all

Here is the fruits of my secretive labour for the last 4 weeks; the Vlka Fenryka from the Burning of Prospero boxed game.

So first is Geigor Fell-Hand!

 I loved painting this model as it was my first Vlka Fenryka character model.
 The model was painted as per my regular Vlka Fenryka Legionaire guide below.

I am really impressed with the new plastic kits and the details for the Heresy models

So if you have missed my guide here it is again:


Assemble and spray Chaos Black. I chose to not glue the bolter on at this stage as in my opinion it is easier to just paint one hand rather than a whole bolter black again.


The Model was then sprayed with Mechanicum Standard Grey.

 Create a glaze of 1:3 Leadbelcher to Lahmian medium and cover the model head to toe. The left model has been washed the right has not yet (so you can see the difference).

They were then sponged with a mix of 1:1 Dawnstone and Mechanicum Standard grey.
They were then edge highlighted on the main plate's highest edges with straight Dawnstone.

 I then painted the trims and banding Liberator Gold.

The eyes were done with Ironbreaker with two coats of Blood for the blood god.
Then I washed the model with armour wash mix twice (recipe told to me by Paul Rudge from Forge World Which I love and try to use at every opportunity now). I turn a spray can lid upside down and fill with one standard pot of Agrax Earthshade, one standard pot of Nuln Oil, I then fill one empty paint pot with Klear (to get the equal amount compared to the other paints) then put that into the spray can lid, then I add 1/3 of a pot of water. Stir the mixture and equally distribute it into the pots (and label them as armour wash).
For those who don't know what Klear does, just google it for modelling. There are millions of writers out there who can explain why it is so awesome out there more eloquently than I ever could. In a nut shell, it really really helps to draw the wash into the recesses and also helps you to manipulate the glaze/wash better than painting it on straight.
Note: Klear is no longer available to my knowledge but this is easier to get and dries clear (even though it is slightly beige / cloudy in the bottle). Pledge!!!

I did a third wash of armour wash on the shoulder trim then edge highlighted it with Runfang steel at the highest points.

I will be adding some muddy boots and further edge chipping (2:1 Dryad Bark to Warplock Bronze) at a later date. 
That's it then guys! Sisters are next
Drake Seta


  1. Wow! Looking good, even if I dislike the space wolves (rout?)
    On a side note how easy is it to convert Geigor fellhand, to, say, a chaos marine?

    1. Cheers Simon. Yup. They call themselves the Rout.
      Well I think it would require a bit of work. The hardest part would be to get rid of the wolf pelts

    2. Thanks. What's the fluff behind the name?

    3. Not 100% sure. Leman references the names in Prospero Burns. The galaxy know them as the Space Wolves but they don't like that name very much. They prefer to be called the Vlka Fenryka. Amongst themselves though they use the name "The Rout" - probably because they poke fun at other Legions opinion of them: a disorderly or tumultuous crowd of people.

    4. What Drake wrote, but also another technical (dated maybe?) word to speak about a gathering of wolves, synonym of 'pack'.

    5. A third meaning could also be the old nordic ráđ, meaning council. (Amongst other things. Also means advice or solution).
      I found Prospero burns to be hugely enjoyable reading, partly because Mr. Abnett seems to have done his homework on nordic languages and cultures.

    6. Thats a beautiful model you have there. Very nicely done and photographed too.I am replying as a matter of interest in your use of the Klear.I am an Admin of a Model car forum and as you mention it is used to enhance the clear plastic parts on car models. It's certainly not easy to use but the results are rather nice if you persevere. You say it's used to draw in the wash in the all the recesses.Thats a very nice way to achieve a very highly painted model, i will certainly have to try that out. You can still purchase Klear but it's now rebadged as a different product and labelled as "Formerly known as Klear". the formula is much wetter/thinner but it still does the same job.Thank you for making the reference to it in your work.

      This is an example of (my work) how glass windows look on a car model that have been dipped in Klear.

  2. Excellent work there, really like the colour scheme! (And thanks for clarifying the armour wash process - I'd been wondering what the ratios were).

    But. I'm not quite convinced by the Vlka yet... I appreciate that at the time of the Horus Heresy, they were meant to be less 'wolfy' than in 40k*, but the infantry feel too bland, and too uniform. Hopefully a few custom units will balance the aesthetic out!

    * Presumably Geigor didn't get that memo ...

    1. Lol. No he didn't.

      Apparently the Rout were hypno-conditioned to believe/act as they do in 30k (it might explain away why the Terran Legionaires immediately settled in to Fenrisian customs).

      The models in the box are very generic, so to get the full Fenrisian vibe slight customisation etc should be done. If you look at the old Horus Heresy Collectible Card Game, the Vlka Fenryka do look very feral and Viking like.

    2. Absolutely! Including wooden shields! (

      Also. Pledge. Google seems to indicate that the packaging has changed. Can you just double-check, are the ingredients in the new iteration still the same as in yours?


    3. Pretty sure it is the same but can't be sure.

      Pledge Klear Multi Surface Wax 750ml

      Definitely is though.

  3. Lovely paint job, the skull on top look brilliant. Not so sure about the model, I was hoping the 30k wolves would be more understated. Still my wolves need a command and I have four of them...

  4. Great looking Vlka Fenryka!! It will be interesting to see how FW develop these.

    1. Yup. Can't wait for Inferno!! Want to hear what Sir Alan of Bligh has written and firmed up in this Legion's history.

  5. I am in canada and cannot seem to find the same pledge that you pictured, do you know of any alternatives? I found this

  6. Lovely tutorial. How did you glue the bolter on afterwards. Superglue or were you very careful with poly cement? Also how did you line the arms right without the gun so that it it would fit properly?