Saturday, 22 October 2016

Ultramarines Legion Herald Unboxing

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today you can buy the limited edition Ultramarines Legion Herald at your local store - while stocks last. I know that the initial pictures didn't looked that great, but I went ahead and bought one, and need to admit, I quite like him. Not a great fan of his barehead, but you can give him another one or a helmet if you prefer.

The Marine itself is a hommage to Neil Robert's Mark of Calth artwork, and should look great alongside some Suzerains. If you want to use him as Ventanus 'till FW releases a propper one - go for it! He has the right wargear, and both his banner and wrist have the number IV.

Sadly my banner is slightly miscast, but that's nothing unfixable :)

I quite like the spiked bonding studs - Forgeworld, give me more!

The model comes with a datasheet, but I think this one is not different to the stock herald rules (besides the LA: Ultramarines). Still, be careful when you open the blister.

What do you think about the Ultramarines Herald? Will you get one? What would you like to see as "limited edition" model next time?

Lady Atia