Sunday, 2 October 2016

Weekly Progress Report 2/10/2016

Good evening bunnies and welcome to another weekly progress report!

This week Tyler has been using his hobby time wisely to start to colour match his force for the upcoming Shadow Crusade. He's also added a third tactical squad and has made a significant move towards finishing the first paint stages of Justici Guinfried who after the Battle of Phall was re-interned in a Leviathan pattern Chasis after the damage sustained to his Contemptor Chasis was significant. More for this model in a few weeks after Tylar's soul bonding mission into the warp!
For the Emperor! 🙂

Atia managed to work on the Gal Vorbak this week - the Dark Martyr is already done 🙂

Aveinus has been doing a bit of painting over the weekend with Kaelo for both 30K and AoS. More leadbelcher has been applied to his remaining cataphractii terminators, with just one more needing to be finished.

Kaelo has just purchased a new box of Betrayal at Calth in preparation for the blogs re-enactment of Prospero. He is waiting on some Thousand Sons upgrade kits before he hits it hard, Legion in a Day style. He has been working through some Stormcast Eternals as a break from 30k, but is now looking forward to starting another legion...don't mention Ultramarines to him at the moment...

No updates from Darien, Hector, King Fluff, Castiel or Drake this week as real life takes priority.

What have you all been working on? We would love to hear from you!

Battle Bunnies


  1. Wow, that's a lot of yellow! The lancer looks a interesting, looking forward to more...
    Atia, wicked as ever.
    Kaelo, so tempted to get some thousand sons love going too, can't wait to see them.

    I've been painting Vlka Fenryka. The first ten man squad (or is it a pack?) is nearly done. Also a dread and a cataphractii character. Next steps are a five man plasma squad a five man squad of cataphractii terminators and another ten man tactical squad. I also magnetised the head of my warlord. Busy week for me!

  2. Nice work all of you! Can't wait to see more.

    I have been working on my armies on parade. Just have a dry brush to put on to my last 15 marines, then a wash and bases on my 70 man force. I'll email a picture of my army once it's all done.

  3. Yew! Good work everyone, I can't wait to see the Prospero stuff kick off.

    I've been working on a bunch of terrain coming off the back of closing out my first SoH 2k with a Leviathan in a Drop Pod and Spartan. Got a few gun emplacements done in a Mars style as well as the big aquilla strong point in its missile silo format.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for the euroday updates.

  4. Awesome stuff guys <3

    Toying with my dreadclaw while assembling it :D

    @Attia i'm really curious, how did you manage to get this conversion done ?? (blooletters face ?) it looks freaking amazing !

    1. Hey :)

      The conversion is based upon one of the FW Gal Vorbak, parts from the AoS Wrathmonger kit, a Grey Knights book and Greenstuff/Miliput mix :)