Wednesday 16 November 2016

Darien Vasco; One Year On!

Hello Bunnies!

Last November I was extremely excited to be invited to join the Battle Bunnies! Some how a year has already past and I find myself looking back at my first year as a Bunny!

Where it all began:
Before joining the Bunnies I had begun working on a Sons of Horus Legion. I had quite a lot of models assembled for them, but no real theme or idea of what I was aiming for. I was also struggling with finding the right green to paint them. From all of this came the idea to do focus on the First Company, a good theme and no green required!

This is where my legion sat on 9th November 2015. I was planning on it being a drop assault army back then. This plan developed over time and the drop pod element has now shifted to the green side of the legion. Painting was the next thing to get underway and I started with a Justaerin. 

My first fully painted Legion and Sons of Horus model. 

Where am I now:
I have worked almost non stop for the past year on getting the First Company painted up and ready to fight. I am really pleased with what I have managed to achieve in a year. Going from 0 points painted all the way up to 5500 points completed!

The 5500 points in all its glory!

The main goal that I set out with when I became a Bunny was to get a Legion up to a playable level as quick as possible so that I could play more games. I think I have achieved this now and I have been able to take the First Company to the tabletop fully painted plenty of times now. It is amazing to field a fully painted legion and a great motivator to get more stuff painted! I have been lucky enough to use the army at Warhammer World in 2 Horus Heresy events over the last few months which is something that I have wanted to do for ages but I never had the painted army to be able to so!

The year ahead:
Now that I have a rather sizeable legion painted that I can game with, I now want to spend the next year getting models, legions and xenos ready for some campaigning. We have a couple of really exciting campaigns lined up that I will be a part of. I am hoping that we can get the Prospero campaign underway once book 7 lands, I am getting some green SoH ready for this. I am also planning a couple of campaigns with Kaelo between Ultramarines and Orks and another between Emperors Children and an Eldar ghost army.

The Projects Lined up:
I have 2 projects that I will be focusing on for the year:

  1. Green Sons of Horus ready for Prospero. Perhaps 2000-3000 points.
  2. Emperors Children. I would like to get a sizeable army completed for these guys over the next year.
I have a few side projects that I will be working on as well:
  1. Orks - Complete what I need when I need it! 
  2. Zone Mortalis - I am slowly collecting up tiles to make up a board
  3. Ork scrap yard - I have a lot of the bits I need for this
  4. Sylvaneth for Age of Sigmar 
I have one extra special project that I am really excited about as well that I want to get going soon:

I would love to know if there is anything that you would like to see me do over the next year?

I would also love to get some more games in. So if you are around Basingstoke, I play every Wednesday at The Bastion Gaming Club. Drop me an email on if you're interested! 

Lastly thanks you to all the Bunnies and to our community for supporting me over the last year! I look forward to sharing another years worth of projects with you all! 

Happy hobby! 



  1. Great progress mate! Your dedication is an example to us all!

  2. Great work Darien! Looking forward to seeing what your colour scheme looks like for both your next legion projects!

    1. Yeah I'm looking forward to seeing the colour schemes too! Haha! Got them both planned out, hopefully they turn out as I imagine!

  3. Stirling work. You are a true inspiration. Congratulations on getting so much done. Looking forward to you standing by the Rout's side as we take down the damn warlocks.

    1. Thanks Drake! :D I'm can't wait to beat the warlocks up! Going to be a good campaign!

  4. A whole year! So glad that you chose to join us. As said above, your progress is inspirational. Keep it up buddy!