Friday, 25 November 2016

Forge World new releases: Custodes Grav Tank

Hi guys, lets see what goodies Forge World are releasing this week!

The headline item this week is the Caladius Grav Tank for the Legiones Custodes:
This is retailing at £85 and is a beautiful kit. You can also get this new kit with a squad of Legiones Custodes for £120 - a surprising move considering that you can't get the Prospero squads as separate kits yet but it also tells us that they will retail for £35 per squad of 5, not bad at all compared to the Calth plastics!
In addition to the grav tank, we also have the following legion upgrade kits:
All of the kits (apart from the plastic Custodes) were available at the 40k open day at the start of the month so are a welcome release for anyone who missed out then.

What do you guys think of this weeks releases?

Until next time!

Hector Cephas


  1. That grav-tank is friggin beautiful. If the sculpts keep up with this kind of quality, there's no way I'll be able to refrain from doing a Talons of the Emperor army, heh.

    Hoping those upgrade kits mean that Nostraman Chainglaives aren't too far off as well - maybe I can finally justify buying Night Raptors!

  2. When I got this in the mail, not gonna lie I became harder than a guardian spear.

  3. Got a Caladius at the open day, beautiful kit, assembles really welk

  4. Finally the EC power spears for the EC! I will be getting a couple sets of them! They are the last bits I needed for them!

  5. Might pick up a grav tank. Saw a pic of it next to a spartan and had no idea it was so big.

    1. It's pretty massive, the pics don't give a great sense of scale unfortunately