Monday, 14 November 2016

Imperial Fists: Legion Falchion Super-heavy Tank Destroyer

Hey all,

After the events of the Shadow War campaign, I thought I would take the time to cover one of my most potent units - the Legion Falchion.

This tank really lived up to its name over the campaign weekend and was to be honest very brutal. It's rules got updated in the latest Legiones Astartes Age of Darkness red book - it's points cost went up (understandably so - it was really cheap before) plus it gained an upgrade that grants it the Shock Pulse special rule that the Sicaran Venator has that forces the Falchion's target to be only able to snap fire in their following turn if the Falchion's volcano cannon scores a penetrating hit (even if it is a super heavy!) - considering that it is a strength D weapon, that's always going to happen unless you roll a 1! The same upgrade also grants the Feedback special rule that in the event that you roll a 1, you have a chance of taking some damage yourself so it is a double-edged sword technically but it's more in the Falchion's favour than not.

But enough about the brutality, I really love this kit - while arguably the ugliest of the Fellblade-chassis super heavies to be fielded by the Legiones Astartes, I think it is beautiful. The Fellblade is a sleek looking tank with its domed turret, the Glaive much the same plus it as a giant volkite cannon which is cool but I really like all the exposed pipework on the top of the Falchion feeding into its volcano cannon... I first saw it at the first Warhammer Fest at the Ricoh Arena, there was a beautifully painted one on the diorama near the Forge World tables and I knew straight away I was going to buy one at some point - I just wasn't sure if I was going to do it for my Imperial Fists or for a future project but I glad I got it for my Fists in the end - it looks great in yellow!

In other news, anybody who follows the Forge World on Facebook may have noticed this earlier today:

The Arachnus heavy lascannon battery for the Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought will soon be available to pre-order. The rules for this are in the updated Legiones Astartes Age of Darkness red book so if you have a copy, you can see how powerful this new upgrade could be - I think I'll be getting a set for my Deredeo!

Let us know what you think about the Falchion - how do you think it stacks up next to its siblings? Do you love the kit as much as I do? How about the Deredeo weapons upgrade - how do you think it stacks up against the other weapon options?

Until next time!

Hector Cephas


  1. Love the energy coursing along the gun. I'd love to know how you did that.

  2. I've used the Falchion in a few battles and while it has always done magnificently within its role as a heavy tank destroyer. But I prefer something with a little more adaptability like the Typhon or the Glaive.

  3. That looks lethal, whatever it is looking at is going to feel it. Bravo.

  4. Every time I see one of these I remember how much I want one for my Fists. Buy stuff keeps getting in the way of buying more tanks..

    I'm looking at you required infantry!

  5. Seeing this tank in action at the Shadow war campaign made me rethink how affective it is! I had always thought it a bit average but it proved me very wrong! Might need to fit one in to one of legions at some point!