Friday, 11 November 2016

New Release - Praise the Omnissiah!

Hello everyone!

As ever Friday giveth news and new resin. Today with have the awesome new Mechanicum Macrocarid Explorator. 

A heavy support option and transport this certainly provides the Taghmata with a new and exciting vehicle. The rules are great and for those with the Taghmata list you should find it on page 55. 

Hosting some impressive weapon options and a great special rule, 'Servi rig', allowing embarked models with the Battlesmith rule to use it from inside the vehicle.

Here's the official Forgeworld fluff :

Uniquely crafted to the needs of the Magos leading the expeditionary force, Macrocarid Explorators first saw use as frontline combat and mobile command vehicles in the early days of the Great Crusade. Heavily armoured and equipped with the Mechanicum’s signature technologies and weapons, they are now pressed into service on both sides of the cataclysmic battles of The Horus Heresy. 

Macrocarid Explorators can transport Magos’ or their units of deadly automata across the battlefield, cutting through any opponent foolish enough to come close with powerful weapons enhanced by augury scanners. Their heavy armour makes them as durable as the Legiones Astartes Land Raider, with the addition of extensive self-repair systems.

Rules for using the Macrocarid Explorator in Mechanicum armies in Horus Heresy games can be found in The Horus Heresy: Mechanicum – Taghmata Army List.

The Mechanicum Macrocarid Explorator includes optional weapons for the vehicle’s sponsons and hull mounting points. A pair of lascannon or two irradiation engines may be fitted to its sponson mounts, whilst a mauler bolt-cannon and a graviton imploder are available as hull mounted weapons.

At £90 I think it's great value for money and will make a fantastic addition to any Mechanicum cohort.

Let us know what you think guys!

As ever - For the Emperor! (And the Omnissiah ;p)

- Tylar


  1. By the looks of how the hull attaches to the tracks I can see more vehicles from collected visions making their way to battlefields using these track sections as a starting point.

  2. I'm just curious, the Explorator is £90, and the Triaros is £92. How big (or small) is this thing? I've never seen the two side by side.

    1. You can see size compare from both models from moggys_miniatures_ from Instagram.

  3. Great stuff :)

    Just wondering if there's any word on an updated Mechanicum red book any time soon?

    1. As far as I'm aware no mention was made at the recent open day. However look out for Inferno where I'm sure we'll see Mechanicum additions for the Battle on Prospero. I imagine anything bigger will come at the HH:Weekender.