Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Sisters of Silence: first paint scheme

Hi all

Thanks to the Burning of Prospero Box we now have a new force or two for the Horus Heresy. 

This is my first attempt at a Sister of Silence. I want to wait for a few more schemes to grace the web before I fully commit to one particular scheme. 

Hair was Mephiston, washed with Agrax earthshade and highlighted with Wazdakka red. 

The cape was Gal Vorbak red slowly layered up to Word Bearer red. The fur on the shoulders was white scar then washed with a 2:1 Lahmian to celestria gray (so it is a wash like consistency. 

The armour was based with Warplock bronze. 
Drybrushed up with Runelord Brass to give it a burnished look. 
It was then washed with Agrax Earthshade. It was then given a further drybrush of Runelord Brass before a final zenithal highlight of Runefang Steel on the highest edges. 

I like it but I am not blown away by it so I may have another attempt soon. 

Drake Seta


  1. I quite like the scheme - I want to do a similiar one for mine (gingers all the way).

    Is that a freehand aquila or one of the transfers? I'm actually quite afraid because there are only four of them on the decal sheet - and if something goes wrong the decal will be gone :(

    1. On the cape yes :P

      Talked about her head ^^

    2. Hit up eBay, transfers were a couple of quid with delivery.

    3. It is a transfer for her head. Throne I wish I was skilled enough to freehand like that.

  2. I like the scheme except the hair colour. I think the model would benefit from a more natural hair colour.

    1. Agree, maybe Black and a streak of white as a nod to the 40k SoB? But love the armour recipe, thx! Great work Drake. I like the understated colours of the greatsword too

    2. Cheers. Will take that onboard and maybe re-do her hair.

      The great sword was GreyKnight steel and edge highlighting of Mythril silver (after a nuln oil wash).

    3. Hope it helps, the rest is top knotch as usual. Thanks for the sword recipe. I may be stealing this.

      Oh and a natural ginger is the right colour.... So I'm told.

  3. Looks pretty nice, happy to see more sisters of silence.