Thursday, 8 December 2016

8th Legion - Night Lords

So I am also the Bunny who is aiming to do the VIII Legion Astartes. 
This Legion has my favourite Traitor Primarch and also my favourite Horus Heresy Character; Sevatar. 
Mat Kane described him as Blackadder in space to me once, and since then I can't lose that image lol. 
But yes. These evil and cruel Legionaires in midnight-clad are very cool. 

Hopefully I can give this Legion some love in 2017 in the form of one of our "Legions in a day". 

So this is the meat of the Legion I want to do:
Sevatar 175

19 Tactical Space Marines: chainswords; legion vexilla; + 1 Tactical Sergeant (artificer armour; power fist; melta bombs) 305
19 Tactical Space Marines: chainswords; legion vexilla; + 1 Tactical Sergeant (artificer armour; lightning claw; melta bombs) 305

19 Assault Space Marines: 4× power weapon; + 1 Assault Sergeant (artificer armour; bolt pistol; pair of lightning claws; melta bombs) 380
4 Tactical Support Marines: + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant (melta bombs) 105
4 Tactical Support Marines: plasma guns; + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant (artificer armour) 185
4 Tactical Support Marines: meltaguns; + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant 175
4 Tactical Support Marines: volkite chargers; + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant 100

4 Terminators: Terminator armour (Tartaros); combi-bolter; 2× combi-weapon; reaper autocannon; + 1 Terminator Sergeant (volkite charger; Nostraman chainglaive; grenade harness) 221
4 Terminators: Terminator armour (Tartaros); combi-weapon; chainfist; thunder hammer; heavy flamer; 2× pair of lightning claws; + 1 Terminator Sergeant (combi-bolter; power weapon; pair of lightning claws; grenade harness) 267

Konrad Curze 435

2,653 points

This will form a decent core which I can add many many many Vehicles, skimmers and Legion Specific units to.

 I do want to be able to use the Tactical Legionaires as Terror Squads too, so I need to make them extra gruesome. 

1) In the stories there are mentions of some Nostramans looping scenes of their favourite tortures on projectors on their armour plates. I am thinking of finding some gruesome scenes from horror movies and printing in high definition as transfers for the occasional shin or shoulder pad. 
2) I do want this to be a fast paced squad member heavy force (to show them as bullies), so hopefully a fair few fliers, skimmers and jetbikes will be added. 

I love Sevatar, so I do want to base most of my force around him, but I also want to do another member of the original Kyroptera who might be mentioned off hand as a casualty in the beginning of Prince of Crows. 
The chief Librarian also sounds like a fantastic character too. 

Drake Seta


  1. Lovely legion. Of all your projects, this is the one I am most excited for!

    1. And the one you will help me with. Legion in a day!

  2. My all time favourite Legion and Primarch, the Jason Todd Batman feel of the entire Legion but especially the Night Haunted himself.
    While it is my favourite it has been the army I have consistently come back to, it is also the army that has caused me the most heart ache. I find them to be the greatest test of my painting skills and often get infuriated with set back after set back.

  3. It will be a good test of the BB painting skills doing these bad boys in a day. Will you follow Duncan Rhodes fine paint video shorts on the scheme?

    Fifth large legion drake? Your Mad!

  4. Ooh my favourite bad guy Legion but the one I've never taken the plunge to build. I've always wanted to build them as the polar opposite to my Word Bearers.
    With the new 40k Legion rules I might finally get the chance as any Astartes army I build these days has to have application for both, seems like a very small Age of Darkness gaming scene in the Birmingham area.
    Really excited by your idea if the transfers, can't wait too how that turns out!

  5. Sevatar is such an awesome character! One of my favourites, he alone makes me want to do a night lords legion at some point! I am looking forward to that legion in a day project!