Saturday, 10 December 2016

9th Legion - Blood Angels

Hello everyone,

Tonight I am looking at my next legion project - the Blood Angels. As I have discussed in the past, the 9th Legion are my favourite legion and I am really looking forward to starting them. I think that they are a more exciting legion than the Iron Hands with a more interesting primarch that doesn't get himself straight away during the heresy!

I am currently in the planning stage, looking at schemes but I really want to take my time with this legion to try and improve my painting abilities further. I'll also need to build the army in batches this time as I would like use an airbrush.

What really draws me to the Blood Angels is their combat prowess, physical and fast yet controlled. Like the World Eaters but more....controlled. They are also regal with some great opportunity to customise the legion. I also really like Sanguinius as he is more like Guilliman and Vulkan in that he actually seems to care for his sons. He's also alive past istvaan and fights at terra lol. This is definitely my favourite heresy artwork below!

As for the make up of the legion; I don't really want to use too many fliers. I would rather have a fast drop pod army like in the start of Fear to Tread. 

I will need to wait until the Blood Angels black book to see what unique units they have but here is a rough outline of my army:

Praetor with a jump pack
Primaris Medicae 

Veteran Squad with drop pod
Tartaros Terminator squad
Possible legion specific unit
1-2 Close combat Contemptors

10 man despoiler squad with drop pod
10 man despoiler squad
10 man Assault squad
10 man Assault squad
5-10 man Melta Guns with drop pod

Fast Attack:
3 Jetbikes
Possible legion specific unit

Heavy Support:
3 Jetbikes
Leviathan dreadnought
Heavy Support legionaries with Lascannons

Lord of War

So this really is just a faint outline of what I will be planning on for the legion in the future, but I will be focusing on another project that is Xenos related in the near future. So stay tuned!

A short post today unfortunately as I'm busy painting for an event with Kaelo tomorrow! 

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane



  1. Look forward to seeing the Legion progress, I think the Blood Angels were certainly one of the first schemes I remember noticing, I love that artwork too, but I think the black and white scene depicting the same confrontation beats it hands down. Horus just looks so evil and deranged in the BW version. (Seen here in my Hobby Room )

  2. Sounds like it will be great fun to play with and against! Looking forward to seeing them take shape. Got an ideas on how you're going to paint them yet?

  3. I've chosen the Blood Angels as well. Been waiting forever for our releases! At least we finally got our Legion rules, even if we have to wait until book 7 or 8 for our special units and characters.

    I might have to steal some from your list when I get the chance ;) Looking forward to seeing your progress on the IXth!