Monday, 19 December 2016

19th Legion - Raven Guard

Hello everyone!

Tonight I am looking at Raven Guard. You will have seen my army if you are a regular reader, and also how it performed at the Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls. For those who didn't - it won 4/5 games, was fluffy and well varied. All in all a nice list. 

This year I am looking at adding only a few models to the RG and only when I get a spare moment between projects.

I am looking at adding some Tartaros terminators. I think these would look super cool all armed with twin lightning claws or Ravens talons - really don't want to spam them though so will most likely go for a mix. 

I would like to add another 5 Mor Deythan too as I love the models and they are highly effective on the battlefield.

Finally, I think that a Seeker squad would be quite a fluffy addition even though they aren't particularly good. Also, the Mor Deythans fill the same roll but do it better. May an assault squad instead? What do you all think? 

So that will be it for my Raven Guard I think. They are a bit of an out of favour project for me at the moment. That may change in the future as priorities seem to constantly lol

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas to you all!

Stay warm and fluffy!



  1. Muscle Supplements aside... I love the Mor Deythan badass look, they make me want to collect RG in 40k and use them as sniper Scouts! Love the force so far, I think these have become my favourite Legion, striking back from the shadows after the crushing decimation of Istvaan.

    1. I use the mor deythan as stern guard vets. Fits their most useful in game load out as well.

  2. Look forward to seeing some more painted. At terminators would be cool!

  3. Seeker squads using Scorpius Bolt is what I want to try, S5 AP2 with Shred, Heavy 1 though so you would have to find a spot mid field (24inch range) in cover to take out terminators/power armour.

    Give them Combi Plasma so you can use the Plasma on the turn you disembark from whatever transport they have. I might have to invest in one of these.


  4. I love your blog! Check out my blog on Raven Guard Tactics!

    I love how versatile Raven Guard play. I stated with rhino alpha strike, then built out drop pod alpha strike. Now I'm working doing each of the post drop site massacre talons, which is fun because I focus on a jumper list and flyers list.