Thursday, 5 January 2017

Darien Vasco Planning 2017


2017 is going to be an exciting year for the Bunnies, we have a lot of campaigns in the planning stage and a lot of great hobby ahead. I have 2 campaigns that I will be taking part in over the next few months.

First up will be Ultramarines against my Orks, which will be Kill Team focused to begin with. Having a good sized Ork army already painted should mean I won't have much to get painted. I have enough boyz done and I have a warboss ready to go as needed. I may add some Flashgitz and nobs to the painting pile to give me a bit of variety in the Kill Teams.

The second campaign will be a escalation between Eldar and Dark Angels with the Emperor's Children joining in. This is my main project that I will be working and I am hoping to get started on building my troops next week. I have a few models build that I will be including in the ECs. I am looking forward to painting my Sicaran as it is one of my favourite models. 

2017 timeline for every hobby project I have!

- Sylvaneth up to 2000 points (Nearly completed 1000) 
- Emperor's Children. Focus will be on building and test paint schemes in Jan and Feb. Aiming to get 1000 points finished by end of March. 
- Orks, the odd models needed to add to the Kill Teams. Plus I want to paint my Gargantuan Squiggoth as air brush practice for a project later in the year. 

- Emperor's Children up to 3000 points completed.
- Orks Trukks, boyz and possible bikes. 
- Smaug for The Hobbit. (This is what the airbrush practice is for!)
- Terrain, Zone Mortalis or Ork Scrapyard not decided which I will do first.

- Emperor's Children up to 5000 points. 
- Orks, continuing with the above. 
- Terrain, continuing with whichever I choose! 

- Sons of Horus Painting up the green side of the legion.
- Terrain, Working on whichever I don't do first!

Other bits
- Harlequins. I would really like to get some more of these guys painted. I am not sure when I'm going to fit them in yet. I had also been hand painting the vehicles by hand but I may repaint them with the airbrush to add more depth and practice a bit more with the airbrush.
- The Hobbit. I would like to fit in getting a Woodland Realm army done. 

So that's the plan! Hopefully I will be able to stick to it reasonably closely.

Happy hobby!



  1. That's a pretty busy year! My aim for the year is to get at least 1000 points of my Salamanders painted to a basic level as I don't like painting.
    Once that's done (however long it takes) I'll look at my other boxes of stuff - one betrayal at Calth and a burning of Prospero!!

  2. Darien, if you get half that done yo have done really well! That's an amazing plan. I'm looking forward to seeing you chug thought it.

  3. Dang. I think you are half painting Servitor. That is an amazing goal. Good luck! Very much looking forward to our Legio Custodes in a day!