Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Painting a Wolf Pelt

Hi all

Ok so I had to paint a wolf pelt, and do it well (otherwise Leman would be mad at me). 
So first I had to choose a colour. Grey would be lost on the model in my opinion, Black would look slightly lazy, white would look a bit too prissy. Soooo the resounding choice could only ever be Generic white and brown wolf. 

My reference:

I undercoated Chaos black. 

I then did a coat of Corax white all over then another Zenithal spray from the top of the pelt (to help add depth to the recesses)

I then did a thinned 50/50 White Scar and screaming skull airbrush over the model. 

Corvus Black was then airbrushed in the centre of the piece along the spine. 

Screaming skull and White Scar mixture was then drybrushed at the point where the light and dark meet to prepare for the next stage. 

I then airbrushed Seraphim Sepia where the black meets the light parts. This was done at a low psi to make it easier to target and prevents pushing of the wet wash around the fur with the air. 

The edges are left the off white. 

A light drybrush of White Scar and Screaming Skull was then used to highlight the fur tufts. 

So I'm looking forward to getting Freki and Geri started now. 

Drake Seta


  1. Good job, I've doing the same effect with my Russ cloak. Only I'm doing washes aka this video

    Be warned Backing music is a bit annoying.

    Which reminds me I should get him finished.

  2. Nice! I need to start using reference for my Fenrisian Wolves. They look way too uniform on the table right now.

  3. I feel like it's especially important to do a warm grey on heresy Rout, since they have much less saturation on the armor itself than their modern-day equivalents.

    So good color choices, here.