Sunday, 22 January 2017

Weekly Progress Report 22/01/2017

Hello all and let's see what the Bunnies have been up to. 

Ikthelion has spent most of his available hobby time this week finishing up and basing Tactical Marines for the Heresy Doubles event. Still some work to go!

Darien put the finishing touches on his first 2 units of the year, 2 squads of Kurnoth Hunters for his Sylvaneth army.

Spectre has been working on a tactical support squad for the doubles tournament. They are currently under construction.

Hector has converted the chaplain from Betrayal at Calth into a Primus Medicae for his World Eaters. He's washed all of his Forge World resin and is making a start on building his Anvillus.

Kaelo has had Rogal Dorn in the last week, reinforcing and improving his kitchen. Thus had led to no hobby time and also means he will not have his Ultramarines complete in time for the Horus Heresy Doubles. At least he can cook now...

Aveinus has been adding the final highlights to his eldar jetbike since returning from his holiday. You'll see this progress in a post soon followed by a painting guide as he starts to paint the second jetbike.

Atia used this week to continue to work on the Skavenblight Scramblers - eight of them are ready for transfers now. Next on the list is a rat ogre player!

Drake has been busy at work but has found a few spare minutes to base Leman Russ and start to Green Stuff Freki and Geri. Expect a finished post soon. 

What have you been up to?


  1. Looks great! Finished my death guard 10 man tactical squad, fellblade and 3 contemptors over break. Starting work on 3 castellax and wondering what to convert a praevian out of. Cheers lads

  2. I WAS going to work more on my Garro, but some stuff got in the way. This week I hope to work on that, some commissions, and getting the red started on my Blood Angels Legion. Yes, I know, hobby butterfly.