Sunday 12 February 2017

Community Question: Craftworld Iybraesil

Hello everyone,

So i'm back with a question for the community on Craftworld Iybraesil. I won't lie I did choose the Craftworld for its colour scheme, as i've always liked the turquoise they use, however their fluff is actually quite interesting too!

Now from my research around the internet I have found limited information on them. I haven't really found anything about them and what they got up to during the great crusade and heresy, so on the positive side of things this is good as it gives me a relatively clean slate for them to be used in our 30K settings. However, it is always good for your faction to have a rich history to tap into, which for this craftworld seems to be solely in 40K.

There are few very interesting points about them that stand out to me, the first being that they are a highly matriarchal society and they have a large number of howling banshees and female autarchs within their ranks!

They also have a fierce desire to seek out old eldar artefacts from before the fall which still lie upon the croneworlds inside the eye of terror. This may explain why they have been relatively rare in imperial records as they mostly concern themselves with recovering this tech. They hope to secure the tears of Isha which are spirit stones that contain the spirits of the most gifted and powerful Eldar seers of ages past! I had to add this picture, even with the text its a very cool illustration of what these worlds may actually look like.

Lastly they worship Morai-Heg who is the Eldar Goddess of souls and fate, she is also referred to as the crone. Below is a paragraph from the Eldar codex before the current one (which I haven't managed to get hold of yet!)

Morai-Heg was the consort of Kaela Mensha Khaine and she had daughthers from the union between the two. At some point, the Crone Godess sought to learn the wisdom that was contained within her divine blood. Knowing that Khaine had only power to harm a god, she sent her daughters to haunt their father with their piercing screams. To end this torment, she asked that khaine cut off her hand so that she could drink from her own blood. Khaine complied and severed the limb, which allowed Morai-Heg to gain the knowledge contained within her blood whilst the aspect of the banshee was granted to the war god in return.

So this explains the craftworlds symbol the Hand of Heg! Pretty creepy and cannibalistic but... I like the paint schmeme!

Another piece of information I found which links into current 40K lore is about the five Croneswords. These swords were made from the four fingers and thumb of the Godess Morai-Heg when her hand was cut off. These swords made by the god Vaul are immensley powerful and if placed into the right hands, they will give the wielders dominion over life and death. Yvraine the Emmissary of Ynnead, belives that possessing all five of the Croneswords will give her enough power to fully awaken her god.

So I am looking to mainly field quite a mobile force for the craftworld, mainly featuring jetbikes, wave serpents, vypers, flyers and banshees. This will be to represent the need to have the banshees in combat. I know the banshees are not particularly good in the game but they are fluffy for the craftworld! I will also add more powerful eldar units into the force to make sure it can compete with the legions!

Below is one of the jetbike squadron I'm currently working on alongside my Orc Bloodbowl team for our league starting in april!

I will have more on this when I start to nail down an army list! However with the release of Yvraine, I think she would make an excellent model for the leader of my Iybraesil Craftworld (she can just be her twin sister or something like that)

So my question to the community is, do you know anymore about the craftworld? maybe something in an old or new codex or one of the forgeworld black books. Just to try and round out the craftworlds fluff, if you do just comment below :).

So thanks again everyone,

Aveinus Kaane.


  1. If you find a copy of 4th edition Battle Missions, in the Eldar section there is a map detailing Iybraesil's activities defeating corsairs and protecting human colonies. It paint the idea of Iybraesil being one of the more benevolent craftworlds.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I've been hit by papa nurgles most recent cold. Thanks for the information that's a really unique way to look at the craftworld!

  2. Dress lady and her stalker make me lol when I think about them. Is it the first concrete mention of love (in a "codex" publication, Black Library doesn't count)?

    I was beginning to think that love could never bloom on the battlefield.

    1. Well, we know Lukas the Trickster was quite the ladies man before his induction into the Space Wolves...

    2. She's a recent release for 40k called Yvraine. She just looks very 30k to me or how I imagine exodites to look.

  3. In answer to your question, what I know about them is what I've read here.
    But I do think that your ideas sound cool and I can't wait to see your collecting and painting.
    Mike Zulu makes a very interesting point about them, and maybe Iybraesil is protecting human colonies from The Great Crusade. Imperium propaganda has it that they "liberated worlds from alien overlords".

    1. Yeah it's a great point isn't it, gives me lots of opportunities to creat some great storylines. It reminds me of promethium sun the black library novella which is about an exodite world. I'll hopefully get a painting guide up soon but I've got a lot of projects going on so it may be slow progress unfortunately!

    2. I'll definitely look into using that idea too!