Saturday, 4 February 2017

Forge World CAN NOT talk about the Thunderhawk even in seminar! Plastic incoming!!!!

Hi all. 

We are sitting in the Talon of the Emperor Seminar. We were allowed to ask about every miniature on the cover. They COULD NOT TALK ABOUT THE THUNDERHAWK, but realised and teased its significance and played it down very amusingly. Everything else they can talk about but the new Flier. 

They can talk about the other models they have produced that we have not seen yet including:

In my opinion this is the final bit of proof needed to confirm this is the design for the Plastic Thunderhawk. 

Drake Seta


  1. HOMY CRAP!!! That is excellent news!!

    If anyone is travelling to Warhammer World for the event, if they could pick up an extra Custodes event model I would be happy to reimburse and pay for shipping!!!

  2. That's amazing!!!! Just as a side about the beautiful Tyrants... do you know if they come with chain fists options? Not the end of the world if they don't, just a curiosity.

  3. Would someone be able to ask about legion specific upgrades for the Wolves? Very curious

    Also hahaha my email:
    I would be so appreciated if someone was willing to get a second event exclusive legio custodes..... Thabjs everyone!

    Thanks for all the coverage! It's fantastic!

  4. While I'm still not 100% behind a plastic 'Hawk I was wondering if you guys could do one thing...

    ...ask Alan Bligh or one of the FW rules guys In The Know what the hell has the Engine Of Destuction special rule (or Great Beast) so it can be a Leviathan FOC HQ LOW?

    Please :]

    Just realised while looking over the Warlord-Sinister rules that unless you have a 13k point list you can't field it and it (nor anything else I remember) has the Engine/Beast special rule to HQ a Leviathan Detachment.

    It also begs the question...if a Warlord titan isn't powerful enough to have an Engine Of Destuction special rule and act as an HQ for other titans then...what is? :o

    PS - Keep up the great work with the rest of the Battle Bunnies! I wish I could've made it to this one :( Enjoy!

    1. Read what counts as a Lord Of War for Age of Darkness Battles.

      Engine Of Destruction is any single super-heavy vehicle of any type with more than 9 or more hull points. Can be selected from the specific army list for the Primary Detachment, Titans of the mechanicum or the list of supoer-heavies in the rule book.

      listed in the same place as Primarch, Sub-Orbital Strike wings, etc.

  5. Yeah I was in that seminar and not as convinced as you guys that this constitutes "Proof" of an incoming Plastic Thunderhawk. It'd be amazing but until it happens I'm not going to lose my mind.

  6. I'm thinking that the whole thing of supporting Specialist Games and FW with plastics last year was about more than just Plastic Heresy marines and games like Blood Bowl... that Thunderhawk is probably the first major kit to that end.

  7. As I posted on another site - that image looks like a CAD model (I suspect made in Solidworks-even the lighting looks like a standard solidworks shaded model) imported into another packagage for rendering into this image. I've got no doubt this has been on the cards for a while at GW HQ and it's merely a case of getting the sprues right so the kit will fit into one of their standard box sizes- we know this factors into their considerations as far as logistics and marketing are concerned. How imminent it's release is I have no idea.

    But 1# SM are technically need a Lord of War size plastic kit, to match other races.
    2# lets face it - it will sell big!
    3# Usable in 30k and 40k
    4# This will just follow a legacy of turning old FW kits int plastic GW kits.
    5# Kits of this scale are now well within GW's ability and capacity.

    Personally I reckon this is in the bag at the HQ and on the cards for us as a release - we just have to wait!

  8. P.S. really looking forward to any juicy info on Book 8 Angelus tomorrow!!! And thank you for all the coverage bunnies!

  9. loving it. I suppose there could be a number of reasons they're not allowed to talk about it, maybe it's part of new range of aeronautica or epic or something, though i am hopeful it is of course for our beloved 30k and their just not allowed to steal the limelight from the gw model range As mentioned numerous times, it just makes sense, and would fit in nicely alongside the sokar aesthetics.

    when's the next big games workshop event? this could be penciled in as the star of the show for then.

    great coverage guys looking foreward to angelus tomorrow. just a glimmer of the lion, a lock of his hair or something!! :)

    1. Hi Douglas. If it was Epic it would be Specialist Game range so would fall under their umbrella too so would be able to chat about it.

      We are thinking it may be out at Warhammer-fest. But it could be a lot further in advance. Inferno apparently went for print in July. . . . That's a fair few months, so hopefully.

  10. Plastic thunderhawk....
    Plastic primarchs....
    Plastic sisters....
    Advancing storyline.....

    Please tell me these aren't signs of the apocalypse!