Sunday 12 March 2017

Weekly Progress Report 12/03/2017

Hi all. 

Some good progress this week:

Ikthelion has had a busy week, but has managed to make some progress across most of his army; most of it is now silver and has been inked. The Spartan needs some detailing, the tracks doing and plenty of washing to make it look dirty. The Warsmith is finished, as is the Primarch, but they'll be getting their own posts down the line!

Atia used this week to finish Ahzek Ahriman, First Captain and Chief-Librarian of the Thousand Sons. Next on the painting table are 5 Ashen Circle Marines for the Word Bearers.

I have myself been working on a few projects including 3D modelling a trophy for our upcoming Blood Bowl League:

It is almost finished now thankfully. 
I have also been working on my Blood Bowl team Blightchester Guttercutters:

Spectre is working on his Sylvaneth for age of sigmar, but is hampered by the weather, so can't spray them.

Darien has been in Gibraltar playing in the Horus Heresy No Retreat by SN Battle Reports! He has had an awesome weekend, with great games and armies!

Hector Cephas has been very busy this week painting more World Eaters for Throne of Skulls. Since his post yesterday, he has painted up his drop pods. Just need a few finishing touches but are looking good. He is hoping to get most of the army done for next weekend!


  1. My week has been spent getting my gathering storm forces ready for the event in May. I actually have very little left to paint.

  2. Another week of building and painting nothing... but I did order a Cerastus Lancer.

  3. I've ordered and recieved the inferno cannon I need to equip a dreadnought with a flamestorm cannon (I'm going with the count as rule) for my Salamanders.
    Also need to shade/wash what I've built so far!

  4. Ahriman looks great, amazing work. That warsmith looks awesome as well.
    I have started work on my thousand sons allies for my Loyalist XIV by test trying a few paint schemes,not decided which I prefer yet.

    1. Thanks buddy :)

      Would love to see some of your paint testers!

  5. Dear all,

    I follow this page since almost now two years, and i would like to ask you for some help. I m right now painting a death guard 30k army but i m unable to recreate the correct colour scheme. Please, can you help me?
    Can you provide a email where i can contact you? Ii would be awesome if you could share drake seta' scheme with pictures ;)
    Greetings from Spain (north of gilbraltar!)

    1. Hello Carlos.
      I hope these Posts help

      Hope these help.

      Otherwise it may be worth contacting Forge World for Paul Rudge's Death Guard Colour scheme.

    2. Hello Drake,

      Is just I unable to do the 2nd step: 1:3 white+seraph hightlight... is there any video available?

      thanks for your help